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One Of Royale's Best-selling Products Richarge Featured In The Philippine Star Newspaper

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Richarge, one of my favorites from Royale was featured in The Philippine Star recently.

We personally love this drink because of its superb health benefits. It gives us extra energy all throughout the day, even on the most hectic days we notice that we have that feeling that we can still achieve more work.

One example I can recall is when my son had a fever one night up to the morning, which would normally let him stay in bed because of fever chills and flu. On the contrary, when he took a glass of Richarge the next morning after breakfast, he felt so much better that he was able to finish the heavy task of clearing up the trees in our backyard garden and more.

I've heard countless testimonials about this product that I also posted on our Royale Facebook page.

Health and wellness to all! 

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