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This is where I learned MY London diet

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This is London. West London.

That is the exact place where I stayed in the UK for five months. When I speak of my UK experience I am quiet about it, I can't say much. I went there too soon at the very wrong time. Anyhoo, I learned a lot there. I lost weight there, that's my blog topic for now

I lost weight there more than I've ever done in my entire life. It wasn't based on the diet alone. It also had to do with walking long stretches daily and of course the demands of my job, which is "miniscule"

I wake up at 6:30 to 7:00 AM (normal lang po yun) and get ready for work. I eat breakfast ( which may be: 1- one small packet of oatmeal mixed with H2O, 2-two slices of toast with margarine, 3-leftover rice with Mcdonald's nugget sauce, 4- a bowl of cornflakes. I think those were the usual choices. And definitely hot tea with milk (English beverage)

Then I walk from Richmond Avenue to the Hillingdon Tube Station. After the commute, I'd walk again from Hammersmith Tube Station to the Skinsense Salon at the Charing Cross Hospital where I work as receptionist.

Lunch, it would then be.. either 1. 2 slices of toast (3 if I'm lucky), or rice with McDonald's ketchup... or if occasionally I can't bear no longer, I'd go up to the 5th floor of Charing X Hospital and grab lunch worth 2 pounds ( that's worth Php200.00 to me)

After work, between 6:30 to 7:00 PM, I'd walk again from CXH to Hammersmith Tube Station ( which isn't THAT far). After the commute I'd get off at the Hillingdon Tube Station and walk again from there - from Long Lane Ave to Windsor Ave to Richmond Ave (all that would take 4 minutes by bus ride, 30 minutes walk for me)

Then for dinner, ahh, this is the good part... because during Mondays and Wednesdays, may kanin, yeheyy! On the other evenings, whatever will be the fancy na lang of my employer/housemate. Kaya masasabi ko iba talaga and Pinoy basta may kanin ok lang ang buhay

Why ganun? My fault is basically I'm kuripot, that's how my mind works when it comes to the British pound-to-Philippine peso conversion rate.

To conclude, I lost a lot of weight just as Fay Weldon's character Ruth (The Life and Loves of a She-Devil) said when asked by Mr. Ghengis, and I quote, "... you have got thin, haven't you! How did you do that?" "By keeping away from men" said Ruth.

Photobucket Aiiyks, size 12 is not fat! size 14 is not fat either!

Hoping I can diet that way again.Kasi ngayon my diet is SEE FOOD diet : SEE food, EAT food.

Enjoy life na lang po!


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Goat's Milk Benefits Your Skin

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Goat's milk moisturizes your skin and adds protein, vitamins, minerals, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins A and D. The oils in Goat's Milk are easily absorbed by your skin and help to balance your skin's moisture needs. Whether your skin is dry or oily, using Goat's Milk Soap can bring your skin to healthy balance. Goat's milk is also anti inflammatory and very mild, especially suited to people with sensitive skin or skin troubles--gentle enough even for a baby. People with eczema or psoriasis are often helped by using goat's milk soap and natural body care products.

green tea
I've researched and discovered some sources about losing weight, diets and obesity. I used many medicines which are completely made up of chemicals. At the end, I turned back to the traditional treatment since I thought that those chemicals damage my liver. During my researches I discovered the benefits of green tea. Please do not confuse green tea with black tea which everyone drinks daily.

Ancient Chinese people knew the benefits of green tea for health. They have always used it for medical purposes. However, in Ancient China, it was used especially against the headaches and depression. Green tea has a great importance in China history. It is produced from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis by some special processes. Unlike black tea, it has little amount of caffeine which causes to insomnia, nausea and frequent urination.

This is the list of benefits of green tea which I've found during my research.

It is used to treat multiple sclerosis.
It is used for treatment and prevention of cancer.
It is used to stop Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.
It is used to raise the metabolism and increase fat oxidation.
It reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks by reducing the risk of trombosis.
It reduces the risk of esophageal cancer.
Drinking green tea inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.
It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases
It is used to treat impaired immune function. .
Some researches show that, drinking green tea regularly may help prevent tooth decay by killing the bacteria which causes the dental plaque
The benefits of green tea in a human body are so remarkable that it is believed that the key to a longer and healthier life may just be brewing in your cup!

By the time you have finished visiting our site, you will discover how this wonder drink can help you achieve superior health! This is because it has a wonderful effect on pretty much every aspects of your body such as your liver, blood, mouth, bones, etc. We leave no leaf unturned in helping you find the "right one" that fits your personal taste and style.

I will personally guide you in making the right choice while unleashing its full health benefits! I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I have enjoyed making it. Please read my reviews and tips on how and where to find the best one!

The ingredients are so unique and can only be found in highest concentration or high quality undiluted tea without any added sugar or any form of sweeteners. These same ingredients are the ones responsible for its magical powers. Its amazing benefits are known for more than 4,000 years now.

Sixty obese middle-aged women were placed on a diet of 1,800 calories per day. Some of the women took green tea diet pill with breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the others took placebo pills.

After two weeks on the green tea weight loss study, the women taking the diet pill had lost twice as much weight as the placebo group. Results were even more impressive after the full month of the trial; the green tea users had three times the weight loss of the women who were simply dieting.

The right amount of caffeine is the secret to the diet success. Caffeine in green tea increases the body's basal metabolic rate (the rate at which energy is used for the basic functions of breathing, pumping blood, and maintaining body temperature).

This increase is referred to as a thermogenic effect; it assists with a weight loss program by helping the body burn more calories during day-to-day life.

This kind of diet using green tea could be the weight loss program you have been looking for that's good for your health!

It is well known that the benefits of green tea are many. But did you know that there are numerous scientific studies to support green tea weight loss benefits?

Japanese studies have been done that prove green tea contains thermogenic (calorie burning) properties. This increases your body’s ability to burn calories. These properties can help you burn fat more efficiently and result in a weight loss boost if you hit a weight loss plateau.

Green tea can also be relaxing and is chocked full of powerful antioxidants. It’s a great addition to your daily weight loss program. Several daily cups can do more for your body than you could ever imagine and it doesn’t hurt that it can help you lose weight.

Green tea does contain caffeine, although it’s negligible in comparison to coffee.

Caffeine is an apt fat burner with a well established track record of such.

This can help your body burn fat faster while also providing you with free radical scavenging polyphenols and flavanoids. Green tea has so many beneficial uses for ailments ranging from weight loss to even cancer fighting properties- it’s no wonder why a quality, organic green tea can be put to use for you.

With that being said, as well as its health benefits, tea is an art meant to be enjoyed with all of the five senses.

The smell of quality tea, the sight of the leaves unfurling in a glass teapot, the subtle taste nuances present in the tea, the feeling of warmth as you hold the tea cup closely and the sound of loose leaves crumbling under the pressure of a human touch comprise the whole of the tea experience.

Green tea is most beneficial when brewed properly and taken regularly. About 3 cups per day will start you on the path to a healthier you.

There aren’t any side effects associated with green tea, however, people with caffeine sensitivity should consult with their primary care physician prior to embarking on the green tea journey.

Green tea is nature’s medicine cabinet.

The weight loss potential within green tea should be combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise. Drinking umpteen cups of green tea can’t hurt, but it shouldn’t replace a proper exercise routine and a healthy diet.

Green tea weight loss program cannot replace a well-rounded diet and proper exercise regimen, but it can definitely start you on the way!



coconut oil


Let’s start with the advantages of handcrafted soap. That bar of soap from the supermarket looks so clean and pure. And yet, most big-brand soaps contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, alcohol that dries the skin, and sometimes petroleum products, which is just disturbing. Handmade soap is made from natural, gentle ingredients that don’t leave the skin itchy, dry or irritated.

Handmade soap has another basic advantage: glycerin. All soap is made by combining a fat with an alkali. During the saponification process, the fat turns into soap and glycerin. In commercial soaps, the glycerin is removed by adding salt to make the soap and glycerin separate. The glycerin is then used in other, more profitable products, including cosmetics, medicine, printing inks and the production of the explosive nitroglycerin. But in handmade soap, the glycerin remains in the soap, providing deep moisturizing benefits.

So all handmade soaps have advantages over commercial soaps. But goat milk soaps offer even more. All milk contains natural emollients, vitamins and triglycerides that moisturize the skin. Goat milk specifically contains the reputed highly effective moisturizer capric-capryllic triglyceride. People who prefer goat milk soap claim that it is far less drying and harsh than ordinary soap. For those who have sensitive skin or eczema, goat milk soap is a godsend.

The best goat milk soaps are made from fresh, not powdered, goat milk. All the goat farms in our directory make soap from their own fresh milk. Some go even further and include other fresh, local products, like honey, herbs or flowers.
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