Royale Spirulina Is The World's Richest Superfood

 1000mg/tablet 90 tablets/bottle 

Spirulina is microscopic blue-green algae whose cells form the shape of a perfect spiral coil (thus, the name Spirulina, or little spiral). It contains the most remarkable concentration of functional nutrients ever known in any food, plant, grain, or herb.


Spirulina and Weight Loss 

 - a non-meat product that contains the highest protein content, along with all the essential nutrients and amino acids, without the unnecessary carbohydrates or fats.

Spirulina and Cholesterol 

- Spirulina contains Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA), which is found uniquely on mother’s milk; it promotes heart health and lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Spirulina and Diabetes 

- Spirulina has been found to have significant positive effects on people suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Reports indicate that Spirulina has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels in the body after 6 to 8 weeks of intake.

Spirulina and Cancer 

- Spirulina has long been established to have cancer fighting ingredients and helps boost the immune system. A rich source of Potassium, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Sodium, and Zinc. 


  1. Children with inadequate vegetable intake. 
  2. Teenagers who require extra nutrition during their rapid growing years. 
  3. Pregnant women who need balanced nutrition. 
  4. Elderly people who have limited dietary options yet require a wide spectrum of nutrients to maintain optimum health, since Spirulina is easily digestible. 
  5. Athletes, or people who are active in any sport; Spirulina provides energy and improves stamina 
  6. People suffering from ailments, recuperating from diseases, needing proper nourishment for fast recovery (Please consult your doctor). 
  7. People who fail to eat a balanced meal due to their busy lifestyle; those who rely on ‘fast’ or processed foods. Vegetarians who must acquire protein from vegetables; Spirulina is 65% protein by weight, 95% digestible protein (digestible protein in beef is about 20%).
Royale Spirulina

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Cleanse Your Colon And Detoxify Naturally With Optrimax

Some health problems such as kidney infection, bladder disorders, constipation, yeast infection, body odor, and stomach pain are attributed to unhealthy colon. No wonder, colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the United States.

The colon or the large intestine is the body’s fuel station and the waste management department. There are two main functions of the colon. It can clean the colon through getting rid of toxins or accumulated fecal wastes and absorption of water, salt, and other minerals that are not absorbed in the small intestine.

In the colon, water is extracted out and absorbed from food particles. This leaves food particles that are undigested, bad bacteria, hormone wastes, bile acids, unused mucus and dead cells that have been removed from the intestinal lining. Some bacteria can also spread toxins if the bowel movement is not regular. An average adult human is recommended to eliminate wastes at least two or three a day.

There are other causes of indigestion and constipation aside from the known causes. These reasons include food components, lack of regular exercise and excessive dosage of synthetic drugs. A colon that is properly functioning is very important to the overall wellness of your body. Aside from the symptoms, an individual can also have skin problems, muscle pains and joint pains. Most people have intestinal problems but are generally unaware.

Some signs and symptoms of an unhealthy colon could include fatigue, energy loss, painful bowels, and flatulence, acne, eczema and yeast infections. Since colon health is very important in the overall wellness of the body, it is wise to read some information first before you sign up a colon cleansing treatment.

To prevent health problems, everyone are recommended to undergo a regular colon cleanse at least twice a year. There are five major methods that you can employ to clean your colon such as colon irrigation, organic supplements, laxatives, enema and oxygen-based colon cleansers.

One of the most effective colon cleansing method is through a sure detoxification plan. This detoxification process destroys the accumulated waste products and decreases the toxic mass.

Natural products such as Optrimax Plum Delite is all natural and has powerful ingredients that scrape beneficial matters out through the center of the blocked colon, this also cleanse the entire colon. By cleaning the colon totally, bowel movements become normal.

While in the process of cleansing with Optrimax Plum Delite, it is recommended that you should drink two glasses of water right after eating the plum; and likewise ensure that you get to drink at least 1.5 liters of water throughout the next day. To make the detoxification process of Optrimax Plum Delite much more effective, avoid cola or caffeine drinks for 10 days. (but yes, you can still take that coffee, at least 1 cup - just for that regular kick you need to start the day!) It is recommended to take this colon cleanse for 10 days. The good news is you will not feel anything uncomfortable as you would with the usual colon cleanse products in the market. You will experience just the regular and gradual excretion of toxins throughout the course of the treatment. Before doing anything, you should consult your doctor and ask for your health concerns, side effects and symptoms while undergoing a colon process. This is safe for diabetics and for hypertensive individuals. Contraindications for those with gastric problems and pregnant women though.

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Signs, Signs - Notice To All Swimmers

Here is my entry to Signs, signs this week!  To join this meme, visit SIGNS SIGNS photo signs_zps6c4cef20.jpg


Lose Weight After Holidays and Vacation With Optrimax Plum Delite

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You just went on google and searched all these…  great foods for weight loss.. great snacks for weight loss… great weight loss workouts… great weight loss quotes … great weight loss recipes…weight loss… weight loss program …           weight loss pills        …weight loss fast …weight loss quick                      

Oh weight loss! Hasn’t this been the on and off problem we’ve all been having?  Wasn’t this the kind of google search I’ve always done after the holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas? All I’ve searched was all about the latest fad diets that did not work for me.

I used to go on, "My last weight loss program did not go as smoothly as I thought it would. But at least it’s not a race. So who cares if I have a few wobbly moments, as long as I get where I want to go. At 43 I’m in the prime of my life, and I want to make the most of it. I’m tired of my friends raving about their rapid weight loss and I don't know really how they did it.  I want to fit into my slim clothes again. I want the attention and I want to be taken seriously. What other weight loss plan will I try?"

Sounds familiar? :)

Well, am no longer sad and sorry for myself! I really really ecstatically found my great weight loss product that works for me - a veteran obese!

I found this one great natural weight loss product -no hype!…it really really helped me and my  friends lose weight! It's from Optrimax Plum Delite so popular in Singapore for 24 years now that it has helped thousands of men and women fight obesity!

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Skywatch Friday - Rice Harvest In The Province

Joining Skywatch Friday this week and sharing the latest photos from our rice harvest here in the Philippines.We took all these awesome photos at my aunt's ricefield in Pangasinan on a superb sunny day, so enjoy! :)

...and here's a recent photo of me :)

Join us on Skywatch Friday :here:


Just Me - On Our Latest Trip To Baguio City

Yes, back to something personal for a bit :) Been on a recent short trip to Baguio City together with my hubby and our 8-year-old Cholo. This trip was somewhat a surprise, because despite lack of funds - we still went. Ahh, nothing else but the love of the weather.. it's the fog too!

A scene like that one, just gets me excited :) hope you would understand as I usually live in a place with temperate climate. Going to Baguio is really a treat!

More random photos:

 My hubby looks astonished, waiting for the cue from our 8-year-old photographer :)


Royale Blend Roasted Corn

Royale Blend Roasted Corn- is a healthy, high in fiber beverage. It invigorates one’s bodily defense against diseases. Royale Blend Roasted Corn is rich in fiber that relieves constipation and hemorrhoids and can keep one’s weight under control and L-Carnitine to increases the rate of fat burning in the body, it is potent in this beverage as it helps prevent heart problems & slows-down aging process.

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