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More Mixed Photos Of My First Year In Royale

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Photos taken June 27 when we processed an online transaction

                                          off to LBC we went!

Taken one morning in July 7th, when I was at my son's school..

Our team's new distributor's Royale bag

Our new distributor

                                                  Royale Distributor training that day

Attending New Product Presentation Trainor

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Mixed Photos Of My First Year In Royale Business Club

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A photo of my son when we went to Royale Dagupan on a #happythursday, which really means cheque day

Our improvised display rack when we went flyering in San Fernando La Union

The Battle of San Fernando

Upline Olive here :)

   New sub distributor

Product order for Richarge

This photo shows a part of our team, our grand upline :)

                                        Below: Various product sales we posted on facebook

That's my upline/business partner Ms. Olive purchasing products ordered by our clients.

Below: Various product sales we posted on facebook

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Royale Products Pricelist In The Philippines And Abroad

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Royale Products Usage For Those With Special Needs

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PRODUCTS USAGE (Supplements)

ANTI CANCER: Gluta, Grapeseed, Royale C, Pinkish Glow, Richarge


ANDROPAUSE: Performax, Grapeseed, Royale C

ANEMIA: Richarge, Prime

Prime, Grapeseed


OVARIAN CYST (TUMOR): Richarge, Prime, Grapeseed

VIRAL INFECTION: Richarge, Spirulina, Royale C

KIDNEY STONE: Richarge, Prime, Fitshape


DECREASED LIBIDO: Performax, Grapeseed, Royale C, Prime

URIC ACID: Richarge, Royale C, Fiberich

CATARACT PREVENTION: Gluta, Grapeseed, Royale C, Richarge

IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION: Royale C, Spirulina, Prime


BRONCHIAL ASTHMA: Grapeseed, Royale C

HYPERTENSION: Grapeseed, Royale C, Spirulina, Fiberich

WEIGHT LOSS: Spirulina, Fitshape, Fiberich, Royale C, Diabetwatch

DIABETES: Diabetwacth, Grapeseed, Gluta700, Prime, Spirulina, Royale C, Fiberich

POST MENOPAUSAL SYNDROME: Gluta, Grapeseed, Prime, Royale C

ANTI-AGEING: Gluta, Grapeseed, Royale C, Spirulina, Prime, L'opulent Products, Anti-aging Soap/Cream

FATTY LIVER: Gluta, Royale C, Spirulina, Richarge

ARTHRITIS: Royale C, Grapeseed, Spirulina


CONSTIPATION: Spirulina, Fiberich, Richarge

INFERTILITY: Grapeseed, Royale C, Spirulina, Fitshape

ASTHMA/RHINITIS: Grapeseed, Royale C, Spirulina

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Weight Of Royale Supreme Packages

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Package A - 7 kilos
Package B - 6 kilos
Package C - 5 kilos
Package D - 2 kilos
Package E - 3 kilos
Package F - 6 kilos
Package G - 9 kilos
Package H - 3.5 kilos


Performax - 0.02kg
LGluta 462 - 0.015 kg
LGluta 700 - 0.030 kg
Pinkish Glow - 0.015kg
Royale Spirulina - 0.0015kg
Prime - 0.02 kg
Riqall - 0.0095 kg
Royale-C - 0.030 kg
Fitshape - 0.014 kg
Grapeseed Extract - 0.030 kg
Diabetwatch - 0.0075 kg
Fiberich - 0.3 kg
Royale Corn - 0.4 kg
Choco All 8 -0.35 kg
Royale Coffee Regular - 0.3 kg
Royale Coffee NO Sugar - 0.15 kg
Richarge - 0.08 kg
Kojic Papaya Soap - 0.15 kg
L-Gluta Power Soap -0.15 kg
Anti Ageing Soap - 0.10 kg
Lotion - 0.15 kg
Anti Ageing Cream - 0.003 kg
Whitening Cream - 0.003 kg
Pinkish Glow Toner - 0.11 kg
Pinkish Glow cream - 0.03 kg
Lipstick - 0.005 kg
Rejuv - 0.045 kg
BB Cream - 0.045 kg
Lumiere - 0.12 kg
Blemish Gel - 0.14 kg
Deodorant - 0.063 kg

LBC Charges:
P 150 - 1 kilo
P 500 - 5 kilos
P 1000 - 10 kilos

For USA & CANADA, DHL is our courier.
Expect 5 - 7 days arrival of package, 

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How to Join Royale By Purchasing A Business Kit

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How can you join even if you are far from Royale' Philippines?!  
(applicable both to people in the Philippines and to people who are far from our company owned Royale branches, OFW's, and foreign clients.) 

Royale' is a 100% Filipino owned multi-national corporation doing business all over the globe. Royale manufactures their own product and they are all export quality, BFAD approved, PIPAC, SUPERBRANDS and HALAL certified. 

For more information, 
Exporter / Independent Distributor  (Christine Dauz)
Royale Business Club
A. Globe/TM - +639759172320            
        SMART - +639295629471  

1. We can legally process your Royale' distributorship registration, provided you give us your personal information with the following data:

a. Fullname
b. Complete address with zip code
c. Birthdate
d. Contact no.
e. Beneficiary, 10 yrs old- 65 yrs old (for insurance)

2. Choose any package that you would like to purchase from packages A to H

3. Please check on the list below for how much would be the shipping costs to bring the products to your area, allowing you to know the amount you will add together with the 14,790Php one time package payment. Do not worry about the shipping costs for the products value will be doubled once it has been exported out of the Philippines. You can adjust your product prices to cover shipping expenses as long as we don’t have any ROYALESUBSIDIARY/ OFFICE in your area. *shipping prices are subject to change

We usually send our products thru DHL or UPS-TNT for international shipping and LBC/ JRS EXPRESS for nationwide shipping.
(pm me for more shipping inquiries)

Option A-  7 kilograms
Option B-  5 kilograms
Option C-  4 kilograms
Option D-  3 kilograms
Option E-  3 kilograms
Option F-  6 kilograms
Option G- 5 kilograms
Option H- 3 kilograms

4. You can send your payments thru mluillier, cebuana, western union, or bank to bank money transfers.
   (pm me for money transfer details)

5. For your Royale' identification card processing, you may need to send us a softcopy authorization letter with signed valid Id's (passport, driver's license, etc) allowing us to do the processing on your behalf.

6. For your Royale' Cheque claim processing, you may need to send us a softcopy of authorization letter with signed valid Id's to transfer your claims and be deposited to your bank account, and allowing any of your family, relative, representative, or us  to do the processing on your behalf as shown on the sample letter below:  

Our business partners ABROAD: 

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