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Olive Oil Scrub

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Try this Olive Oil Scrub that will work wonders for your skin and will leave you relaxed and renewed the next day.

2 c rock salt or uncooked pound rice

1/2 c virgin coco oil/olive oil

3 drops rose or lavender essential aromatherapy oil

Mix ingredients.
Gently rub the body from feet to neck.
For a facial scrub, use 1/2 c sugar instead of salt.
Rinse with cool water.

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Loading Up On Supplements and Antioxidants Are Important

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Take Vitamin A/beta carotene that boosts the white blood cell count. The best source is natural (i.e., one sweet potato has more than double the daily requirement). Sources include broccoli, watermelon, carrots, liver.
Recommended: Vitamin A-4,000 IUs; betacarotene-6 mg daily;

Vitamin B6-1.6 mg daily or two large bananas. Other sources: chicken, fish, liver, rice, avocado, walnuts, sunflower seeds;

Vitamin C, the virus-fighting vitamin-1,000 mg daily. Most fruits especially kiwi, guava and strawberries and vegetables like broccoli and red bell peppers;

Vitamin D-let the sun shine on you (before 8 a.m.) for 10-15 minutes daily or take a glass of nonfat fortified milk. Eat fish like tuna and salmon;

Vitamin E-promotes T-cell growth (T-cells activate the immune system when foreign bodies are present); take 400 IUs daily;

Iron-eat a low-fat diet rich in iron (15 mg daily); sources: lean steak, clams/oysters, dark chicken meat, green leafy vegetables;

Increase magnesium intake to 280 mg; zinc, 12 mg; and selenium, 55 micrograms; sources: milk, oysters, oats, whole grains, tuna.

(Excerpt From the "Vitamin Bible" by Earl Mindell.)

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Sacred Heart Diet

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The Sacred Heart Diet - Cabbage Soup Diet (as I call it before) has many benefits when continued at a moderate pace and is safe and regular exercise and healthy eating. I've personally tried this diet during the late 90's in it's seemingly bland state. I'm glad that it was reintroduced to be by my aunt who swears by it, with an enhanced recipe.

You can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes through the program of weight loss of power of the Sacred Heart. However, it is recommend that you follow the diet of the Sacred Heart for the long-term use.

7-day Sacred Heart Diet :

Day 1:

You can have fruit except for bananas during the first day. More advisable are watermelons and cantaloupes, since they have lesser calories than other fruits. It is recommended to have only fruits and soup today.

Day 2:

You can have all the vegetables on the second day. Have cooked, fresh, raw, or canned veggies till you are full. Do no go for peas, corn, or dry beans. Try having more green leafy vegetables. You can also eat a baked potato along with butter in your dinner. However, do not have any fruits on the second day.

Day 3:

You can eat all sorts of vegetables, fruits, soup and other soups on this day, but do not go for any baked potatoes.

Day 4:

Have skim milk and bananas on the fourth day of your diet plan. Drink as much milk as possible along with the soup. Eat minimum 3 bananas today.

Day 5:

This diet plan recommends having tomatoes and beef on its fifth day. Have a can full of tomatoes or up to 6 tomatoes and 10-20 ounces of beef. Try eating the soup at least once during the day.

Day 6:

You can eat as much vegetables and beef as you wish on day 6. Do not go for baked potatoes and have 2 to 3 steaks if you wish. Today, again have the soup at least once.

Day 7:

On the seventh day of your schedule, eat vegetables, brown rice, and unsweetened fruit juice, until you are full. You can also go for cooked vegetables in your rice. Also have the soup today.

Drinks that are allowed during the implementation of the Sacred Heart Diet include tea (herbal as well), cranberry juice, unsweetened juices, lots of water, coffee, and skim milk.

The recipe for the diet soup goes as follows:

* 1 or 2 cans of diced, stewed, or whole canned tomatoes

* 3 large green onions for taste

* 2 cans of green beans

* Few teaspoons of beef bullion for taste

* 1 pkg. chicken noodles

* 1 bunch of chopped celery

* 2 green/red/yellow/orange peppers

* ¼ or ½ shredded cabbage

You can season your soup with parsley, pepper curry, salt, Worcestershire or hot sauce, and bullion. Cut the vegetables into small or medium sized pieces and cover the soup with water. Boil for 10 continuous minutes and then reduce to simmer. Cook the soup until all the vegetables are soft but not mushy.

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Feel Good About Yourself

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Some tips to make you feel good about yourself:

1. Find a reason. Look for the most alluring side of you. What is your greatest asset?

2. Look for a heroine. There must be someone you admire. Find her picture and keep it for inspiration.

3. Affirm love. Believe in loving words that can uplift you like, "You are a special person."

4. Write to yourself. Talk to yourself through a letter. Imagine that your higher self is teaching you all you need to do to improve yourself.

5. Believe. Faith in your self is of paramount importance. If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

6. Find your purpose. If you are dissatisfied with your situation, do something about it. You will find your value in what best fulfills you.

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Reduce Your Splotches With Green Tea

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Press a Tea Bag on Splotches
If your skin is sensitive or just looking irritated and puffy for some reason, steep a bag of green tea for a minute or two, let it cool down, and dab it over your face. The antioxidants in the tea take down inflammation.

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The Benefits Of Having Fruits And Vegetables

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Affirmations For Self-Improvement

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Sharing to you all my affirmations that continue to help me in self-improvement. If you would like to share your affirmations, please feel free to comment. Blessings to all...

I see right through appearances and illusions and know that abundance is all mine.

My abundant thoughts and actions lead in the perfect direction of my desires.

I AM thankful for the limitless, overflowing Source of my abundance.

I AM showered with blessings and my Divine Inheritance.

God provides me with all that I desire, whenever I desire it for as long as I desire it.

God provides me with more than enough substance and supply.

I AM easily, openly and freely accepting abundance, now!

I receive an unmatchable supply of abundance in my Life daily.

I AM always in the right place at the right time.

I live in the likeness and image of God's Divine Abundance.

My attitude reflects as a well-adjusted and well-rounded Life.

My personality is radiant with success, beauty and happiness.

When I walk into a room, everyone notices my kind and happy spirit.

I AM a walking example of God's Love.

My attitude grows happier and healthier every single day.

My smile reflects a joy for living and a healthy lifestyle.

My attitude is so personable that I attract the same people to me.

I AM a walking reflection of success and happiness.

Everywhere I go, people are drawn to my dynamic personality.

My vibrant attitude is contagious to everyone I meet.

I AM provided with the perfect circumstances to enhance my growth and development.

God provides me with only beneficial circumstances.

I help to provide beneficial circumstances for those in need.

I receive from my employer excellent benefits.

Everything I do and everywhere I go, the outcome benefits me.

I AM always given beneficial circumstances through my Divine Inheritance.

I use all of my experiences and knowledge to benefit my Life and others.

God always provides me with helpful people to benefit my circumstances.

Beneficial circumstances are always in my favor.

I AM provided all of the benefits that Life has to offer.

The sweet taste in my mouth is reflected in my smile and on my breath.

I have a pleasant personality because it reflects the way I feel on the inside.

I smile amicably at the thought of everyone who is on my mind.

I only have tasteful thoughts and it shows on my resting face.

It is easy for me see the differences between myself and (insert name) and it's okay.

I have a sweet taste for Life as I learn more about myself through my experience with others.

I am so content with my Life that my joyful spirit is now contagious.

I am so genial to others that I am known as Mr. / Miss Congeniality.

My happiness is my choice and I wear it well.

I can only think joyfully and it shows in the way I respond to others

My career has taken off like a rocket.

I AM an expert in my field and I receive the perfect pay for my expertise.

My career rewards me with freedom and monetary abundance.

I AM passionate about my career and it reflects in monetary reward.

I AM promoted to the top of the career ladder with matching funds and matching benefits.

I AM the top salesperson in my field with clients lined up for miles.

My phone is ringing off the hook with additional clients.

My career is overflowing with success, so much that I have hired additional help.

My company is booming with more than enough business.

My career affords me the luxury to travel at will and enjoy all the comforts of complete abundance.

My children (insert names) are healthy, happy and Divinely protected at all times.

My children (insert names) are successful, happy and Loving members of society.

My son/daughter (insert name) is vibrant, healthy and fully recovered.

My son/daughter (insert name) is successful and accomplished in his/her profession.

My son/daughter (insert name) is an attentive, kind and Loving soul.

My baby (insert name) is continually under the watchful eye of his/her Guardian Angel.

My baby (insert name) is completely cured, strong and healthy.

My grandchild (insert name) is healthy, happy and a complete blessing from God.

My grandchild (insert name) is a picture of success and accomplishment.

My grandchildren (insert names) have Divine Protection written all over them.

I AM a nationally known public speaker.

My ability to communicate is enhanced with my ability to listen.

When I speak with others, the dialogue involves giving and receiving.

My body language makes me approachable to everyone.

I communicate with others through writing and publishing.

I speak the Truth with sincerity, knowledge and compassion.

When I teach, it is easy for others to understand my communication.

I AM an excellent communicator in my field, and it shows!

I say what I mean and mean what I say.

My ability to communicate draws others closer to me.

My dreams guide me in the direction of my desires.

I pay close attention to my dreams and look to them for guidance.

My dreams always have deep spiritual meaning and purpose.

I use my dreams to manifest my desires.

God speaks to me through my dreams and I move in the direction of His guidance.

Angels come to me in my dreams and guide me directly to my purpose.

I AM able to dissect my dreams and benefit from their guidance.

My dreams give me inspiration and guidance.

My dreams are always uplifting, spiritually guided and positive.

My sleep is filled with positive guidance and answers to my questions.

I AM a perfect example of health and fitness.

My fitness routine is enjoyable, energetic and easy!

My daily fitness routine gives me excellent results.

During my work-out routine, I feel healthier and healthier by the minute.

I enjoy exercising and my fitness routine gives me unfathomable results.

My physical fitness clearly shows that I have a fitness regimen.

It is obvious that I enjoying working out daily.

My body is firm, healthy and metabolically fast.

My metabolism speeds up by the minute during my fitness routine.

I have a fast metabolism, a healthy spirit and friendly personality.

Naturally, I AM completely devoted to God.

I AM vocal about my Faith 'to' and 'in' God.

I have Faith that the "I AM" presence within me, is God speaking to me.

My Faith moves mountains every single day.

God has Faith in me to carry through on the passion that He placed in my heart.

I AM successful because 'I' have Faith in me.

My Faith is the foundation of my Life and I live my Life according to my Faith in God.

I AM faithful to myself and others.

Faith is the cornerstone of my Life.

My Faith guides, dictates and defines my Good living.

My parents accept and Love me for who I AM and all that I AM.

My parents express their Love to me in the best way they know how.

I AM grateful for the experiences and lessons I have learned within my family.

I AM a member of a Loving, accepting and sincere family.

My family fully supports me in the pursuit of my dreams.

My family considers my feelings and respects my privacy.

My siblings and I are close and supportive with one another.

My siblings and I take the time to spend 'alone time' with one another.

My brother/sister (insert name) and I are taking the time to get to know one another.

My mom/dad and I are sincerely and Lovingly interested in each other's lives.

I easily forgive others and I AM easily forgiven.

I forgive myself and release my past to its highest spiritual progression path.

I forgive and communicate Love, easily and effortlessly now.

I now liberate my past from my mind, body and affairs. I AM free!

I forgive my family and embrace them with Love and compassion.

God Loves me and forgives me.

God forgives me as soon as I ask Him for forgiveness.

I AM grateful to God for my ability to easily forgive.

My forgiving nature is contagious.

I set my past free and forgive myself for my participation.

I AM blessed with more friends than I could ever imagine.

I AM the type of friend that I would like to have.

I Love my friends and it shows!

I share my friends with other people.

I create the time to spend with my friends.

My friends are a priority in my Life and it shows.

My actions and reactions to my friends is Loving, caring and understanding.

I AM the best friend that I can be.

My friends and I respect each other's privacy.

I AM committed to being a devoted and loyal friend.

My happiness is reflected in my smile and cheerful personality.

My pleasing and joyful personality is contagious.

I AM always kind and helpful to strangers.

I spring out of bed with joy and excitement.

I AM excited about the new day and look forward to it with anticipation and interest.

I choose to be happy at the start of each day.

I laugh at myself with childish joy.

My sense of humor touches everyone around me.

My happiness continually brings me more happiness.

My happiness draws an overwhelming amount blessings into my Life.

God gave me a healthy body and in gratitude, I take care Good of myself.

I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.

I AM living a long and healthy Life.

I eat healthy, nutritious and digestible food every day.

I drink large amounts of thirst quenching water every day.

I have a healthy spirit, mind and body.

I have a healthy heart and a strong set of lungs.

God has healed my body and in return, I will forever praise His name.

My strong body has fully recovered and healed.

I AM miraculously cured by the touch of God's Divine Hand.

When it comes to my intuition, I identify it and follow it through.

Before I follow anyone's intuition, I follow my own intuition.

Before I make a decision, I always check-in with my intuition.

I listen to my intuition and it gives me the perfect answers I seek.

I AM completely in tune with the "I AM" presence of God within me.

I hear and feel God speak to me through my "I AM" presence.

I AM receiving God's Holy Spirit into my spirit.

My use my intuition to make all minor and major decisions in my Life.

I trust my intuition with a deep sense of security.

I follow my intuition where it leads and I always find a reward.

I Love Life and Life certainly loves me.

I choose to live my Life to the fullest and I smile the entire way.

Life always deals me an easy card, and I gratefully receive it.

My respect and Love for Life reflects in my actions and reactions toward Life.

I AM excited to walk out the door and live the rest of my Life.

I Love being me and living my Life as I choose.

I know my Life has meaning and I make it meaningful every day.

I AM here for a reason and I live my Life with deliberate purpose.

I AM grateful that my parents created me and here I AM!

God blesses my Life with miracles every single day.

(Insert name) is the one that I truly Love and he/she returns to me with open arms and mounds of Love.

It is easy for me to express Love and in return, it is easily expressed back to me.

I follow God's example of True Love.

I AM open to receiving Love from the perfect man/woman for me.

(Insert name) is deeply and passionately in Love with me, as I AM with him/her.

I AM attracting emotionally available partners to my Loving and giving spirit.

Love is attracted to me and I AM attracted to Love.

I attract Love so easily that my phone is ringing off the hook for dates.

I AM ready to Love again and I welcome Love with open arms.

I clearly see myself in Love with the man/woman of my dreams.

I always have more than enough money to meet my needs.

Unexpected money simply falls into my lap.

God is my Source and Supply for all material and spiritual Substance.

I forgive any and all debt owed to me, therefore my thoughts are now completely on abundance.

I attract only lucrative, enjoyable and beneficial circumstances.

I receive money just by thinking luxuriously.

I receive my Divine Inheritance from God because I AM His child and His heir.

I will always have more than enough money.

When I open my mailbox, there is always a check for me.

My wallet is bulging with money.

Everything that I do, always leads me straight to my passion.

I AM passionate about my path in Life and pursue it with intensity and fervor.

I AM vehement in pursuing my goals.

I move toward my dreams in Life with determination and steadfast approach.

I succeed in making my dreams a physical reality.

I aim high and I succeed beyond my wildest expectations.

I set my goals and now I reap the benefits.

I stuck to my passion and I AM rewarded monetarily for my diligence and Faith.

I move forward steadily, firmly and patiently in the pursuit of my goals.

I Love my passion so much that it's easy to continue pursuing it.

I Love to socialize and celebrate Life.

I always know how to have a good time.

I AM a social butterfly.

My social calendar is always completely filled.

I AM silly at heart and it shows!

I attract fun and amusing experiences.

My social life is youthful and adventurous.

I Love to laugh for the silliest reasons.

My childish sense of humor is attractive and contagious.

I make new friends easily, right now!

I AM content and safe during all my travels.

My safety is always first.

God has given my Guardian Angel charge over me; to protect me and to keep me safe.

I AM Divinely protected by God Himself.

My safety is a 'given' because God is on my side.

My mature and responsible actions and reactions keep me safe at all times.

My living environment is safe, secure and Divinely protected.

I AM confident my environment is safe and Divinely guarded.

My security is 'guarded' by Guardian Angels.

I AM comforted knowing my Guardian Angels are 'guarding' me.

When I walk into the room, everyone is drawn to my self-confidence and beauty.

I AM beautiful, warm-hearted and intelligent.

Everyone is easily drawn to my self-confidence and self-respect.

People love me and accept me for who I AM.

I have a magnetic and dynamic personality.

My character traits appeal to everyone I meet.

I AM easy to Love and it is easy for me to give Love.

I AM lovable, tender and passionate.

My magnetism and charm are noticed as soon as I walk into the room.

My personality is radiant with confidence, certainty and optimism.

My spirituality boldly expresses my Faith in God.

I AM bold in the Power and Love of Jesus Christ.

My Faith can move mountains by the mere thought of it.

I boldly proclaim that I AM a believer in Jesus Christ.

My spirituality is drawn from a deep Faith in God.

I practice my spirituality daily.

I tap into my spirituality to make any minor or major decisions.

My Faith increases my daily spiritual progression path.

My spiritual progression path grows stronger with daily practice.

My spiritually is based on the fact that Jesus IS God made flesh.

Success and Good fortune flow toward me in a river of abundance.

I attract success and prosperity with all of my ideas.

Success and achievement are natural outcomes for me.

All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success.

Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open.

The positive advantage is always mine.

Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind.

I ascend to the top of the corporate ladder and my salary has topped the charts.

My management skills open the doors of opportunity.

I AM the example of success and triumph.

I trust (insert name) with my delicate issues.

My trusting nature causes others to trust me.

I AM a responsible and trusting soul.

I trust the men/women in my Life.

I release the past and now embrace a trusting attitude.

My behavior reflects in my ability to be trusted.

I AM a loyal and trusted friend.

I trust my friends to tell me the Truth.

I AM faithful and trusting in the Word of God.

I trust every word that Jesus spoke.

God gave me the discernment to make sound decisions.

I use my common sense to discern and direct my path.

My capabilities are enlighened with wisdom and understanding.

I have the wisdom of King Solomon.

My wisdom is a gift from God.

My wisdom increases my intuition.

My wisdom has made me a sage among my peers.

My wisdom gives me the ability to perceive, believe and proceed.

God gave me knowledge and understanding so that I could gain wisdom through my experiences.

The two words of wisdom are --- pay attention.

I AM respected by everyone in my work environment.

I AM acknowledged for all of my Good efforts at work.

I Love and enjoy my work and I receive the perfect pay.

Divine Guidance causes me to do an exceptional job.

I AM a success magnet at work.

My employer recognizes my hard work and gives me a huge raise.

Everyday, I wake up and go to the best job in the world.

I know my calling and the work I AM supposed to do in my Life.

The type of work I do is miraculously in complete demand.

I have created the perfect business for myself and my pay is overwhelming.

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The Atkins Diet Basics

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The Atkins diet is not a new phenomenon. The diet first appeared in the late 1970s and has grown popularity in recent years in response to the low-fat diet craze. As dieters had trouble with low-fat plans, they searched for a new solution and Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution book found a new audience.

I've met a lot of people who have jumped on the Atkins bandwagon and there has been a lot of hype as a result. But what are the basic principles of the Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet is based on a theory of why we get fat. According to Dr. Atkins, the over-consumption of carbohydrates and simple sugars leads to weight gain. The way your body processes the carbohydrates you eat have more to do with your waistline than the amount of fat or calories that you consume. In his book, Atkins outlines a phenomenon called “insulin resistance.” He theorizes that many overweight people have cells that do not work correctly.

When you eat excess carbohydrates and sugar, your body notices that sugar levels are elevated. Insulin is released from the pancreas in order to store sugar as glycogen in the liver and muscle cells for extra energy later on. However, your body can only store so much glycogen at once. As soon as your body reaches its limit for glycogen storage, the excess carbohydrates are stored as fat. This happens to everyone who eats too many carbohydrates.

However, insulin resistant individuals have an even harder time of using and storing excess carbohydrates. The more insulin that your body is exposed to, the more resistant it becomes. Overtime, the pancreas releases more insulin and cells become insulin resistant. The cells are trying to protect themselves from the toxic effects of high insulin. They create less glycogen and more fat.

As a result, insulin resistant individuals gain extra weight. The carbohydrates get converted into fat instead of energy. Other side effects include fatigue, brain “fog” (the inability to focus, poor memory, loss of creativity), low blood sugar (which can leads to hypoglycemia), intestinal bloating, sleepiness, depression and increased blood sugar. There is much more than weight at stake when you are insulin resistant.

The remedy for people who are insulin resistant is a diet restricted in carbohydrates. The crux of the Atkins diet is a limitation of carbohydrates in all of its forms. The foods restricted on the Atkins plan include simple sugars (like cookies, sodas and sweets) and complex carbohydrates (like bread, rice and grains). Even carbohydrates that are considered healthy, such as oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread, are restricted on the program.

The diet has you restrict your carbohydrate intake to less than 40 grams a day. This will put your body in a state of ketosis. While in ketosis, your body will burn fat as fuel. According to Dr. Atkins’ research, the ketosis state will also affect insulin production and it will prevent more fat from being formed. Your body will begin using your stored fat as an efficient form of fuel, and you’ll lose weight.
Another benefit of the Atkins plan is that ketosis will end your cravings for carbohydrates. If you’ve been living on a carb-heavy diet, you may have found that you simply cannot get enough carbohydrates. With carbohydrate restriction and ketosis comes a reduction in carbohydrate cravings. People who have been on the Atkins diet for some time report that they do not crave carbohydrates as they once did.

Although the initial phases of the Atkins diet are rather strict, the program teaches you to restore balance to your diet in the long run. People who use the diet slowly reintroduce minimal amounts of carbohydrate into their eating until they find a comfortable balance between their health and carbohydrate use.

The basic principles of the Atkins diet have been adapted to many other low-carb diet plans. However, Atkins popularity still remains strong as one of the most effective low-carbohydrate solutions for those who are insulin resistant.

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Grape Seed Extract - Description and Health Benefits

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A colleague is selling grape seed oil extract, and she says it's more effective especially to those who have cancer.

What Is Grape Seed Extract?

As its name implies, grape seed extract is derived from the small seeds (and occasionally the skins) of red grapes--the same kind that are pressed to make wine. Used extensively in Europe, grape seed extract is rich in flavonoids, phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties some consider even greater than the old standbys vitamin C and vitamin E. Antioxidants are believed to prevent and control numerous ailments by safeguarding cells against the ravages of unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals.

The most valuable flavonoids in grape seed extract are procyanidolic oligomers (also known as proanthocyanidins), commonly called PCOs. Beyond their antioxidant powers, PCOs are thought to improve blood circulation and help strengthen blood vessels. These actions benefit people with heart disease and cancer.

An alternative source for PCOs is Pycnogenol (pik-NODGE-en-all), the brand name for a PCO derived from the bark of the maritime pine. Experts compare its health benefits to those of grape seed extract, and in fact many research studies examining the therapeutic effects of PCOs have relied on the use of Pycnogenol. It's more expensive than grape seed extract, however.

Health Benefits

European doctors prescribe PCO-containing drugs for various vascular (vessel) disorders that are likely to benefit from increased blood flow, such as diabetes, leg cramps, varicose veins, arm and leg numbness or tingling and even impotence. Macular degeneration and cataracts--vision-robbers of the elderly--may also improve by means of the extract's effects on circulation.

Disorders such as endometriosis, which are affected by the release of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, may benefit from the extract's ability to block the release of this pain- and inflammation-causing chemical. Grape seed extract effectively penetrates cell membranes throughout the body with its antioxidant properties. It can even cross into the brain (traversing the blood-brain barrier) to protect brain cells from free-radical damage.

As an ingredient in facial creams, the extract may help maintain skin elasticity; many European skin creams feature grape seed extract for this purpose.

Specifically, grape seed extract may help to:

. Prevent heart disease. The risk for heart attack and stroke may be reduced with this potent antioxidant, which is believed to prevent the plaque development that can clog arteries. A recent study of 38 smokers indicates that PCOs may function as effectively as aspirin in keeping blood cells from sticking together and forming blood clots (called an anticoagulant effect). And the PCOs posed no risk of the gastrointestinal irritation or bleeding generally associated with aspirin. Interestingly, another preliminary study using grape seed oil (which is related to grape seed extract) indicates that using 2 tablespoons a day to replace other oils in cooking could increase HDL ("good") cholesterol by 14% and reduce triglycerides by 15% in just four weeks.

. Minimize fibromylagia damage. Fibromyalgia is an elusive disorder associated with chronic muscle pain and stiffness. The antioxidant power of grape seed extract can help by protecting besieged muscle cells from damage.

. Deter cancer. The antioxidants in grape seed extract work hard at helping to control cellular damage, routinely hunting down and neutralizing mutations within the genetic material of cells that could lead to tumor formation. The development and progression of cancers of the lung, breast, stomach, prostate, colon, skin and other body parts may be stalled as a result.

. Fight skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Certain components within the skin--collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid--participate in keeping it healthy. PCOs help keep these substances in good shape by blocking enzymes that might disrupt their chemical structure. In this way, grape seed extract may be useful in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis. Its flavonoids also inhibit allergic reactions that can generate such skin problems as eczema.

. Slow progression of macular degeneration and cataracts. Grape seed extract improves blood flow in the eye's tiny vessels, where certain eye diseases can cause blockages and impairments that result in vision damage. Cataracts are an example. The extract's antioxidant powers are of particular value in warding off the free-radical damage so frequently cited as the leading cause of macular degeneration.

. Lessen allergy symptoms. As a natural antihistamine, grape seed extract may help to control the sneezing, congestion and other hallmarks of an allergic reaction. The extract also inhibits the release of chemicals called prostaglandins that can generate inflammation during an allergic response. Working in concert, the nutrient's antihistamine and anti-inflammatory actions can help to keep at bay such allergic responses as hives, hay fever and eczema.

. Ease eye strain. People who stare at computer monitors for extended periods may benefit from taking grape seed extract. The findings of one recent study indicate that 300 mg, taken daily, will ease eyestrain and enhance perception of contrast after just 60 days.

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