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Turmeric Good For Skin Care

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Turmeric is one of the best natural ingredients for skin care because of its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-aging qualities. But do you know how to use turmeric for skin care at home? Read on further to learn turmeric home remedies for exclusive skin care.

How turmeric works on skin

A recent study by British Journal of Dermatology has revealed that curcurmin gel is one of the prime ingredients of turmeric and it can help in resolving red, scaly skin associated with psoriasis. According to the research done by George Mateljan Foundation, turmeric contains skin friendly minerals like potassium, iron, and magnesium. In addition to its curcumin antioxidant and mineral rich content, turmeric contains vitamin B6, C, E, and K, which is the source of turmeric power for skin care.

Turmeric Remedies For Skin Care
Use of turmeric paste on skin works as antiseptic and antibacterial agent it heals cuts and wounds. It initiates faster healing of damaged skin.
Turmeric is effective for
acne treatment. Simple use turmeric paste and lemon juice mix on pimples and acne.

Although eczema is a stubborn disease and cannot be completely cured. Use of turmeric remedy on skin patches controls its replace and itchy irritation.
Turmeric paste, if applied on skin scar, brings a quick healing. Turmeric paste is equally beneficial for treatment of stretch marks in post pregnancy period. If applied on surgical scar, turmeric paste often brings good result however, before treating a wound with turmeric remedy you must seek permission from doctor.
If you are suffering from skin pigmentation problem, you may try turmeric remedy. Antioxidant power of turmeric can eliminate age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines and restores usual skin glow.
You may use turmeric care to increase skin elasticity and natural softness.

How To Use Turmeric For Skin Care
You can use turmeric paste with yogurt, lemon juice, or honey.
For facial skin care turmeric and honey works well.
For treatment of sunburn, turmeric paste and lemon juice brings best result
For treatment of scabies, rosacea, eczema rash turmeric and garlic paste works best
For acne and pimple treatment, turmeric paste should be mixed with rose water and lemon juice
For treatment of age spots, turmeric paste should be mixed with sandalwood paste and orange oil.

Source: Group Email of PhilVentures :Agriculture

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Celery For High Blood Pressure

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I personally tried this home remedy for high blood pressure in 2005 when I was too scared to develop eclampsia. My fears were based on my 30 plus years and my erratic blood pressure readings. Since celery also reduced depressive symptoms, all the more I adhered to it's cure.

What is the basis of this theory? The narrower the arteries are, the more the pressure will be that's exerted against artery walls. Celery is rich in a yellow crystalline chemical called apigenin. Studies have shown apigenin causes blood vessels to dilate.
And the unmistakable smell and taste of celery? The cause is a chemical called "3nb," said Dr. Michael T. Murray in an article . That chemical, Murray said, makes blood vessels more elastic, which can lead to lower blood pressure. 3nB has also been linked to reducing vascular stress.

According to Murray, researchers at the University of Chicago said their findings showed that when some people with high blood pressure ate a quarter pound of celery per day for one week, their blood pressure returned to normal.

Note: please consult your doctor if you are taking any drugs, which may contraindicate with celery or it's chemical components, before trying this remedy
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Best Way To Clear Up Acne With Proactive Solution


When you have a pimple on your face it is certain that this will attract remarks from friends and foes. The only snag is the comments can be derisive, rather than complimentary. One of my sons experienced the same thing in high school, when his biggest priority then was finding the best way to clear up acne. Let's face it; no one likes a face full of pimples, because they have a way of lowering your self esteem. But fortunately, there are several methods available for getting rid of this skin condition.

I can bet not many people know of any method that can guarantee a total clear up acne. And the reason for this has to do with our skin types. Again, I can wager my monthly pay that most folks don't know their skin types either. I got to know mine when I was 29 years old, that I have combination skin.

But a fact that is both glaring and disturbing is that males have oilier skins than females, which can only indicate one thing: males are more susceptible to acne. Regarding your skin type, consulting a skin physician will help clarify this, and this doctor can also suggest ways to clear up acne, and prevent its re-occurrence. Acne are caused by the blockage of skin pores by dirt’s and oils, so the best way to prevent this skin blemish is to free the skin from the causative agents.

If you find the subject of how to clear up acne confusing, you can turn to the Internet for assistance, of course using your computer or Mac. You can find one of the numerous products that really clear up acne very quick. One good product I recommend is Proactive Solution, but your physician can also prescribe an effective cream or pill.

Other factors that can aid the process of removing skin blemishes is by following a healthy diet regimen and drinking plenty of water. Also the right amount of sleep can go a long way in keeping your body rejuvenated. Generally, you can clear up acne by living straight and adhering to the appropriate treatments for your skin blemishes.

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Time To Start A Healthy Lifestyle Change

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"The Way to Wellness" It's time to start a Healthy life: your 7 days program

How many times have you gone to sleep at night, swearing you'll go to the gym in the morning, and then changing your mind just eight hours later because when you get up, you don't feel like exercising?

While this can happen to the best of us, it doesn't mean you should drop the ball altogether when it comes to staying fit. What people need to realize is that staying active and eating right are critical for long-term health and wellness -- and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The more you know about how your body responds to your lifestyle choices, the better you can customize a nutrition and exercise plan that is right for you. When you eat well, increase your level of physical activity, and exercise at the proper intensity, you are informing your body that you want to burn a substantial amount of fuel. This translates to burning fat more efficiently for energy.
In other words, proper eating habits plus exercise equals fast metabolism, which, in turn gives you more energy throughout the day and allows you to do more physical work with less effort.

The true purpose of exercise is to send a repetitive message to the body asking for improvement in metabolism, strength, aerobic capacity and overall fitness and health. Each time you exercise, your body responds by upgrading its capabilities to burn fat throughout the day and night, Exercise doesn't have to be intense to work for you, but it does need to be consistent.

I recommend engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise four times per week for 20 to 30 minutes per session, and resistance training four times per week for 20 to 25 minutes per session. This balanced approach provides a one-two punch, incorporating aerobic exercise to burn fat and deliver more oxygen, and resistance training to increase lean body mass and burn more calories around the block.

Here's a sample exercise program that may work for you:

* Warm Up -- seven to eight minutes of light aerobic activity intended to increase blood flow and lubricate and warm-up your tendons and joints.

* Resistance Training -- Train all major muscle groups. One to two sets of each exercise. Rest 45 seconds between sets.

* Aerobic Exercise -- Pick two favorite activities, they could be jogging, rowing, biking or cross-country skiing, whatever fits your lifestyle. Perform 12 to 15 minutes of the first activity and continue with 10 minutes of the second activity. Cool down during the last five minutes.

* Stretching -- Wrap up your exercise session by stretching, breathing deeply, relaxing and meditating.

When starting an exercise program, it is important to have realistic expectations. Depending on your initial fitness level, you should expect the following changes early on.

* From one to eight weeks -- Feel better and have more energy.

* From two to six months -- Lose size and inches while becoming leaner. Clothes begin to fit more loosely. You are gaining muscle and losing fat.

* After six months -- Start losing weight quite rapidly.

Once you make the commitment to exercise several times a week, don't stop there. You should also change your diet and/or eating habits,' says Zwiefel. Counting calories or calculating grams and percentages for certain nutrients is impractical. Instead, I suggest these easy-to-follow guidelines:

* Eat several small meals (optimally four) and a couple of small snacks throughout the day
* Make sure every meal is balanced -- incorporate palm-sized proteins like lean meats, fish, egg whites and dairy products, fist-sized portions of complex carbohydrates like whole-wheat bread and pasta, wild rice, multigrain cereal and potatoes, and fist-sized portions of vegetable and fruits
* Limit your fat intake to only what's necessary for adequate flavor
* Drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water throughout the day
* I also recommend that you take a multi-vitamin each day to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

I suppose that's all I can think of for now. I should extend my thanks to a doctor friend of mine. Without him, I wouldn't be able to write this article, or keep my sanity.

Enjoy life, we all deserve it!

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Baking Soda For Cavities And Teeth Sensitivity

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I've heard so much about the amazing results of using baking soda to treat tooth decay and bad breath, that we've given it a try at home. We have been brushing with baking soda for over 6 months now and personally,our teeth got stronger!

From what I've experienced due to vigorous toothbrushing, I've lost a bit of tooth enamel that led me to seek a dentist. You could imagine the agony and the
pain of the dental drill and the cost of dental fees. So we've finally tried a different approach by using baking soda treatment for the teeth. Truth is, baking
soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an antibacterial agent that destroys bacteria upon contact.

First, rinse your mouth with water before applying baking soda to your teeth. To get baking soda onto your toothbrush, avoid dipping a wet tooth brush into your baking soda container so as to maintain the freshness of the baking soda. However, since baking soda is also a disinfectant so it's unlikely to be contaminated.

Cavities not only restored, teeth fully strengthened within 2 weeks. My gums were sensitive to cold and sometimes hot water. My dentist confirmed that my gums were damaged with the symptom of bleeding gums. Bleeding and sensitivity went away after 4 days of usage. I noticed my teeth strengthened everyday, and now I feel my teeth getting so much better. Because no one should have to endure the agonizing pain of cavities, I share the idea to my friends and family who are still on their own observation as to the overwhelming success of baking soda.

So there's my motherly advice on treating your teeth after all the Halloween trick-or-treat candy marathon!

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