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Signs, Signs - Notice To All Swimmers

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Here is my entry to Signs, signs this week!  To join this meme, visit SIGNS SIGNS photo signs_zps6c4cef20.jpg

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Skywatch Friday - Rice Harvest In The Province

Joining Skywatch Friday this week and sharing the latest photos from our rice harvest here in the Philippines.We took all these awesome photos at my aunt's ricefield in Pangasinan on a superb sunny day, so enjoy! :)

...and here's a recent photo of me :)

Join us on Skywatch Friday :here:


Just Me - On Our Latest Trip To Baguio City

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Yes, back to something personal for a bit :) Been on a recent short trip to Baguio City together with my hubby and our 8-year-old Cholo. This trip was somewhat a surprise, because despite lack of funds - we still went. Ahh, nothing else but the love of the weather.. it's the fog too!

A scene like that one, just gets me excited :) hope you would understand as I usually live in a place with temperate climate. Going to Baguio is really a treat!

More random photos:

 My hubby looks astonished, waiting for the cue from our 8-year-old photographer :)

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