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Throwback Photos From 2013

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Gastric Band Surgery For Failure To Lose Weight

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Until recently, bariatric surgery -- also known as weight-loss surgery -- has been an option only for the severely obese, especially those who also have obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes or sleep apnea (both of which increase the risk for heart disease complications). But now that has changed. 
One of the most common bariatric surgeries is adjustable gastric banding, which places a modifiable band around the stomach to curb food intake.  In January 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved gastric banding for those who are less than severely obese.   
How gastric banding works. During gastric banding, an adjustable silicon band is placed around the top part of your stomach. It forms a thumb-sized pouch that can hold only a small amount of food. 
"The band's purpose is to prevent overeating," says Michael Schweitzer, M.D., a surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Surgery at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.  
How? The band is adjusted at a doctor's office to control the rate at which food passes from the pouch to the lower part of the stomach. Slowing the passage of food to the lower part of the stomach makes you feel fuller longer, so you consume fewer calories. 
Gastric banding is attractive for many reasons. It's a minimally invasive outpatient procedure -- the surgery itself takes less than an hour. It is also more easily reversed than other bariatric surgeries and has low complication rates. 
For example, another common bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, requires that part of your stomach be stapled shut and the digestive tract rerouted. It also includes a two-day hospital stay. 
Cons and caveats of gastric banding. There are good reasons not to rush into gastric banding, including: 
  • Recovery from gastric banding includes a month-long diet of pureed foods and about six trips to the doctor's office for band adjustments in the first year. 
  • After gastric banding you must also permanently go on a strict low-fat diet to achieve and maintain a normal weight. Eating too much or too fast can cause you to regurgitate swallowed food from the upper pouch after meals. 
Finally, if you're a candidate for gastric banding surgery, you'll have to prove that you are ready for both the procedure and challenging lifestyle changes. You must undergo psychological counseling and show that you have tried diet and exercise for at least six months.

This article was reposted from Weighing Gastric Band Surgery For The Less Obese

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Lagerstroemia Speciosa Or Banaba As Alternative Medicine To Diabetes

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(photo credits from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagerstroemia_speciosa)

The leaves of Lagerstroemia speciosa (Lythraceae), a Southeast Asian tree more commonly known as banaba, have been traditionally consumed in various forms by Philippinos for treatment of diabetes and kidney related diseases. In the 1990s, the popularity of this herbal medicine began to attract the attention of scientists worldwide. Since then, researchers have conducted numerous in vitro and in vivo studies that consistently confirmed the antidiabetic activity of banaba. Scientists have identified different components of banaba to be responsible for its activity. Using tumor cells as a cell model, corosolic acid was isolated from the methanol extract of banaba and shown to be an active compound. More recently, a different cell model and the focus on the water soluble fraction of the extract led to the discovery of other compounds. The ellagitannin Lagerstroemin was identified as an effective component of the banaba extract responsible for the activity. In a different approach, using 3T3-L1 adipocytes as a cell model and a glucose uptake assay as the functional screening method, Chen et al. showed that the banaba water extract exhibited an insulin-like glucose transport inducing activity. Coupling HPLC fractionation with a glucose uptake assay, gallotannins were identified in the banaba extract as components responsible for the activity, not corosolic acid. Penta-O-galloyl-glucopyranose (PGG) was identified as the most potent gallotannin. A comparison of published data with results obtained for PGG indicates that PGG has a significantly higher glucose transport stimulatory activity than Lagerstroemin. Chen et al. have also shown that PGG exhibits anti-adipogenic properties in addition to stimulating the glucose uptake in adipocytes. The combination of glucose uptake and anti-adipogenesis activity is not found in the current insulin mimetic drugs and may indicate a great therapeutic potential of PGG.

Lagerstroemia speciosa also called banaba in the Tagalog language of the Philippines, is a tropical plant found in many parts of Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and southern China. It is a tree that can grow as tall as 20 m. Despite growing in several countries, only in the Philippines are the dried and shredded banaba leaves known to be used as a treatment for diabetes and kidney disease. It is not clear if banaba plants grown in different countries are equally effective in the treatment of diabetes.

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Royale Business Club Product Celebrity Users

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 photo celebroyale3_zpsa65e9b4e.jpg

 photo celebroyale_zps5df04aac.jpg

 photo celebroyale4_zps38947474.jpg

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Royale Glutathione Users Before And After Photos

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Here are a few before and after photos of Royale product users of L-Gluta Power462 and Power700 Capsules, Pinkish Glow Capsules, L-Gluta soaps and more.. they're truly proud to be Royale!

 photo royalewhiteningset_zps973393ba.jpg

 photo ry5_zps03cf2c36.jpg

 photo ry1_zpsbecd6134.jpg

 photo ry2_zpsb8095bc8.jpg

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What Are Free Radicals? Peeling An Apple Explains It

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If you peel an apple...it turns a moldy brown color, right? That's called oxidation — and you see it in your body when free radicals cause premature aging by wrinkling skin, hardening arteries, stiffening joints or forming cataracts. The same thing happens when you see paint colors fade on the wall or rubber tires get old and hard...and that's what’s happening inside your cells right now!

Your cells constantly suffer the negative effects of free radicals from pollution in the air, food additives, high-fat diets, sodas and processed foods,smoking, infections, and even emotional stress!
Free radicals can multiply by attacking the mitochondria of your cells - which are the center "engine rooms." They are at the root cause of many health concerns.

Free radicals are actually "mutant" molecules that are missing a part - actually a neutron or a proton — so they attack and try to grab apart from another healthy molecule to make themselves whole. What's frightening is that as they keep attacking healthy molecules, they create a continuous chain of "free radicals." This kind of domino effect in your body happens every day.

Your only choice is to neutralize as many free radicals as possible Especially those in your heart and brain because they contain the most mitochondria. Toxins in our foods, cosmetics, cleaners and even tap water can speed up the aging process. It can make you look and feel older than you really are!
And that's where Royale products with antioxidants come to the rescue. The three powerhouse antioxidants in this break through discovery work together at the cellular level to reverse aging of your DNA, which is your very life source.

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Bitter Melon An Effective Diabetes Treatment

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Bitter melon or Momordica Charantia is a vegetable which grows in tropical areas like East Africa, Asia, South Africa, and the Caribbean. This vegetable is rich in iron, beta carotene, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and other dietary fibers. In many countries, it is also used as an herbal medicine due to its properties that help improve insulin production. Clinical studies show that bitter melon increases the production of beta cells in the pancreas which leads to improvement in the insulin production of the body. It is also believed to be beneficial for the liver and can act as an anti-tumor agent. Because of its health benefits, bitter melon is used by many as an alternative treatment for diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by the presence of high levels of blood glucose and by the secretion of excess glucose in the urine. This ailment develops because of relatively low levels of insulin which leads to irregular carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. Diabetic persons feel hungry and thirsty most of the time. In addition, these people get easily tired physically and mentally. They may also suffer from constipation, excessive itchiness around the genital area, and general weakness. Other body parts that are affected by diabetes are the heart, kidney, eyes, blood vessels, and the nerves. In addition to these health effects, diabetes is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence among men.

Diabetes causes impotence because it alters the body systems such as the circulatory, nervous, and the endocrine system. The organs in these systems all work in harmony to let blood flow into the penis so erection can take place. Higher levels of glucose caused by diabetes damages the blood vessels and the nerves. Complications in the state of blood vessels may hamper the flow of blood to the penis, hampering erection. In addition, a number of medical studies show that diabetic persons are more likely to have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible enhanced libido, energy, and other reproductive health concerns. Men with type 1 diabetes are more likely to become impotent once they reach 40 years of age.

Many health experts are recommending the use of alternative medicines like better melons for diabetic management. Many studies show that bitter melon is able to reduce the blood sugar levels in the body. Charantin, polypeptide P, and oleonolic acid glcosides are some of the ingredients of bitter melon that are essential in diabetes treatment. Charantin consists of mixtures of natural steroids which are shown to reduce blood sugar levels in the body. Polypeptide P, contains alkaloids that can also promote healthy blood sugar levels. Oleanolic acid glycosides, on the other hand, may prevent the retention of sugar from the intestines. Improvements in these area leads to improved insulin levels in the body

Diabetes can be treated with alternative medicine and adjustments in lifestyles. Many health experts advice diabetic persons to include bitter melon in their diet to reduce their intake of anti-diabetic drugs. This alternative healing method, however, should not be regarded as a stand-alone treatment.

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Royale Products Benefit

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Royale Pinkish Glow Toner

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Note to buyers: 
This Royale product is no longer available. Royale has upgraded it's products 
where you can find another product to suit your needs. Pls find through my list on my sidebar. Cheers!

Please be informed that Pinkish Glow Toner is no longer available but we now have the improved L'Opulent Blanche Toner


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Pinkish Glow Cleansing & Brightening Toner (w/ Glutathione, Lycopene and Arbutin)

Formulated using the unique technology of skin micro-exfoliation, this cleansing and brightening toner deeply cleanses as it promotes cell renewal. The combination of Gluta complex with Arbutin and Lycopene provides your skin with brighter complexion and natural radiance, lighter and even skin-tone, and refined pores. It also helps treat pimples and remove black heads.

Contains the following active ingredients:

Glutathione: King Antioxidant & Anti-Aging Amino Acid
- anti-aging amino acid that DELAYS AGING and improves skin condition
- protects cells throughout the body, and may help PREVENT SKIN CANCER
Lycopene - Best Free Radical Scavenger
- gives rose its pinkish color, also responsible for reddish color in tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables, and naturally found in human skin but gets depleted over time
- keeps skin healthy, influences the color of your skin, and help reduce damage to skin caused by UV light, sun exposure, radiation, and pollution
- possesses antibacterial, antifungal, and antitoxic properties
- biosynthetic active ingredient which is the most effective, faster, safer approach to skin lightening
- evens skin tone on all skin types
- minimizes liver spots (age spots) and freckles
- effective on hyperpigmentation problems
- protects skin against damage from free radicals
- has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
- has non-toxic, non-irritating effect on the skin

Moisten a piece of cotton.. Gently smooth over entire face and neck. Use day and night.
For enhanced result, use Pinkish Glow Brightening and Smoothening Cream.

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Skywatch Friday/ Ein Stück-himmel - Splendid Clouds In The Afternoon



Royale Performax Is A Safe And Natural Way To Boost Testosterone Level

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plus shipment fee of 90.00 (flat rate)

Christine 09295629471/ 09066151422


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Performax can change your life! By supporting a natural testosterone production, and not delivering a steroid or synthetic precursor.

Performax can:
• build and maintain muscle!
• improve overall energy level!
• enhance your mood!
• help you sleep better!
• promote healthy brain function!
• improve your health! & rejuvenate your life!

TESTOSTERONE is not just another hormone. For men, TESTOSTERONE is the essence of masculinity, vitality, strength, sexuality and energy.

Low testosterone symptoms:
• low sex drive
• low energy
• anxiety
• reduced strength
• weight gain
• poor immune function
• erectile dysfunction
• depressed mood
• fatigue
• impaired stamina
• poor joint health
• reduced strength

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  • Zinc Aspartate
Researchers believe that because zinc plays multiple roles in testosterone production and regulation, even marginal deficiency can reduce testosterone levels by up to 50%.
  • Calcium Fructate
A natural mineral complex commonly found in many fruits, vegetables and legumes. Calcium is used by the body's hormone-producing enzymes to safely and naturally generate healthy endogenous testosterone.
  • ViNitrox
A unique combination of grape and apple concentrates, with high polyphenol content. Among any other damaging activities, the peroxynitrite free radical reduces testosterone levels to make matters function and athletic performance.
  • Fenugreek
Since ancient times, fenugreek has been believed to promote fertility. More recently, researchers have found that saponins in fenugreek may significantly promote testosterone production, while improving numerous other indicators of healthy male reproductive function. 
  • Tribulus Terrestris
One of the most popular herbs among body builders and other athletes, the nutrients in tribulus. are associated with an increase in a cascade of hormone-producing pathways. The result is a renowned ability to enchance testosterone production for improved sexual function and athletic performance. 
  • Supercharged by:
Turmeric, Ginseng, Garlic, L-Carnitine, Glycin, Rhodiola, Histidine, and Phenylalanine
  • Plus essential nutrients:
Boron, Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6

After the age of about 25, men's testosterone begins to decline. Testosterone level in most 70 year old men is 10 percent of the level in males that are 25 years old.

TESTOSTERONE is not just another hormone. For men, TESTOSTERONE is the essence of masculinity, vitality, strength, sexuality and energy.

Low testosterone symptoms:
- Low sex drive

- Low energy
- Anxiety

- Weight gain
- Poor immune function 

- Erectile dysfunction 
- Depressed mood

- Poor joint health
-Reduced strength

Of all men with below-normal testosterone levels, about one-half to two-thirds report symptoms. Some men with low testosterone levels have symptoms without recognizing them. They may still have a sex drive, but do not realize how much it has declined.

Science has proven that healthy testosterone levels positively influence male physiology, promoting strength, endurance, stamina, energy, brain function, mood and sexual function.
PERFORMAX activates Male Virility with safe, powerful, all-natural and fast acting Testosterone Boosting Support. 

Note: Synthetic testosterone, when abused by bodybuilders and athletes, overrides the body’s natural and delicate system of hormone balance, laying ruin to countless tissues and system. But Performax (100% All Natural Ingredients) works differently. In fact, Performax strengthens the body’s delicate, natural hormone producing systems. As a result, Performax benefits countless tissues & systems of the body.

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The Benefits Of Beta Carotene

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There is some merit to the old saying, “eat your carrots or you’ll go blind.” Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene and problems with the eyes are one symptom of a deficiency of beta-carotene. However, there are other sources of beta-carotene that offer a sufficient source of nutrients. It shouldn’t surprise you that vegetables and fruits are your best source of beta-carotene.

Why should you be concerned about beta-carotene? In addition to problems with the eyes, if you don’t consume the recommended amount of beta-carotene, your immune system may be at risk. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and having sufficient amounts in your body means that toxic elements, bacterial and viral infections, and skin problems will have a more difficult time taking control over your system. If these benefits sound a lot like the benefits you receive with sufficient vitamin A, it’s because beta-carotene is a form of vitamin A referred to a carotenoid. Beta-carotene is found in plants and when once in the liver it is converted to vitamin A.

Scientists are always researching other uses of vitamins. There are reports that beta-carotene can help to prevent and treat cancer. Although there are just as many reports that contradict these findings, it makes sense because beta-carotene exists naturally in a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits, foods that are associated with lowering the risk of cancer. The discrepancy in the reports may be linked to how the test subjects were given beta-carotene. There is a possibility that beta-carotene supplementation is best when taken as part of a multi-vitamin group.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you shouldn’t take beta-carotene supplements without approval from your doctor. The investigations into the benefits of beta-carotene in cancer patients are still new and further research is required to obtain the best results.

While beta-carotene supplements in low doses are virtually side effect free, there is the chance that if you consume excessive amounts of beta-carotene supplements that your skin may turn an orange color. It is probably not a good idea to ever take vitamins in high doses, especially without a doctor’s approval.

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Okinawa Diet Is A Longevity Booster

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Okinawa is an island located south of mainland Japan and is known as the site of the largest U.S. military amphibious operation during the Second World War. Today, it is better known as the source of the “Okinawa Diet” — a simple yet effective weight loss program. The Okinawa Diet is about eating plenty of plant-based food which include large quantities of tofu and locally grown vegetables. This eating plan also prescribes the consumption of different varieties of fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, seaweed, and other organic products that are high in protein, rich in calcium, and low in fat. In fact, it is not unusual to find Okinawans who are at least 100 years old. The island has been recognized as having the most number of centegenarians in the entire world. To this day, the incidence of heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer is still rare in the island.

The growing problem of being overweight and obese in the United States has made the Okinawan Diet very appealing. Many overweight individuals have tried taking a diet pill to minimize hunger pangs and , in the process, reduce food intake. Other weight loss diet pill formulas work by preventing the absorption of fat into the body, most of which come from fat-laden meats.

Since most Okinawans rarely eat meat, weight gain is hardly a problem. It is highly unusual to see overweight or bulging Okinawans. Most of them have retained the short but slim physical appearance of their ancient ancestors who were mostly hardy fisher folk and farmers. The key to the effectiveness of the Okinawan Diet is the philosophy that is best encapsulated in the phrase, “food as tonic, food as medicine.” Islanders have been strongly influenced by the food culture of China, Korea, and Mainland Japan — all which emphasized the medicinal and therapeutic value of certain food groups. In many Okinawan homes, the mother or the person who prepared the food usually serves the meal by saying, “Please eat this. This food is good for healing this or that illness. Eating is good for you.” After the meal, the people who ate the food would say, “Kusuinatan!” The word “kusuinatan” is an Okinawan term which means, “The food is good. My body feels good. Food is like medicine.”

Aside from eating healthy food, Okinawans are also lead very active lifestyles. Island residents, young and old, practice the martial arts, engage in folk dancing, and tend their own gardens. These activities provide them the opportunity to break out a sweat and release toxins from the body. By being active, they are able to improve their cardiovascular health. Many centegenarians in Okinawa engage in karate and traditional dancing called “rojin odori” because they see these activities as sources of “ikigai” or sense of purpose. Unlike their Western counterparts, the senior citizens of Okinawa have maintained personal care through individual exercise while also remaining physically active in their community.

In the United States, for example, it is not uncommon to see senior citizens in nursing homes living comfortable yet sedentary lives. The inactive lifestyle and fat-rich, high-carbohydrate foods have contributed to the rise in heart disease and other ailments among many Americans. While not all Americans have the taste or discipline to follow an Okinawan-style food regimen, weight control can still be undertaken with the assistance of a doctor or health care professional. Aside from enrolling in a fitness gym, people who need to lose weight can consult their doctor about prescription weight loss pills that can help reduce the appetite and prevent fat absorption. A number of products out in the market claim to be the “best weight loss pill.” Weight watchers should get information from their doctor or from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about safe and effective weight loss products lines. Only FDA-approved weight loss pills should be bought and consumed since many unproven products are now being sold openly even if the safety of these items remain questionable.

People who are serious and committed to losing weight should study the benefits of the Okinawan Diet as well as those of other diet programs. While living up to 100 may not be an attainable goal for many Americans, it is never too late to turn back from unhealthy eating habits. Like Okinawans, many Americans today must also get back to healthy, active living which entails eating the right food in the right amounts; and by being passionate about an art, activity or event that can provide them their own sense of purpose in life.

Copied with permission from: Wanna To Live To 100 Try The Ok Diet From Okinawa | Free PLR Article Directory

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