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How To Make Your Royale Beauty Soap Last Longer

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So here's how to make your Royale beauty soap last longer.

Open the hard plastic soapbox to uncover the soap with it's soft plastic cover. Peel off the soft plastic cover with a thin blade. Make sure to peel off just half an inch to leave out the part for applying soap. (Cut off the hard plastic soapbox equally as the cut-off part from the soft plastic cover. Doing this will make your soap more protected from water drops which can eventually melt the soap sooner)

This is the side where you will rub off soap to apply to your skin. PLS DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO SKIN. Simply apply lightly with your three fingers onto skin, and work up a generous lather for skin to absorb. Lather not longer than 30 seconds. Rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

And below you'll find the various phases my beauty soap went through. It lasted for more than 50 days! :)

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Wordless Wednesday - "Why Royale?" BEST Training At Dagupan

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Royale Road To Success - Filipino Version

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reposted from our grand upline Gerle

TRANSFORMERS! Very important training. smile emoticon
Lahat ng sinunod to naging MILYONARYO SA ROYALÈ đŸ‘
Basic training, sobrang basic na dadaanan lahat đŸ˜Š
dapat tinuturo sa downline, pagkapayin ng member, 15mins kaya ituro to e. đŸ‘
Lahat ng naging successful sa royale, 100k isang buwan, minsan isang linggo, nagkacheke
Tignan mo kng nasaang stage na kayo
-who can meke it happen
-95percent sayo, 5percent sa upline and environment
-negosyante, walang mangyayari pag ndi mo alam business, RBP muna (company products marketing) ulit ulit, tapos magpraktis, pati closing dapat mamaster din. You entertain all the questions, magpapayin yan!
-bakit nakadepende sa sarili? Dapat step up agad, wag ddpende sa upline. Kailngan mabilis matuto. For example 1 year tapos ndi ka marunong magRBP. Dapat within a month marunong ka na magRBP 1on1.
-need ipad or clearbook
-pag nagkakotse ka, sayo naman yun! Pag nagkacheke ka sayo din un. Pag nagkabahay ikaw dn nmn titira dun.
-upline, RBP tayo alas otso blah blah. Ginawang robot si upline. Tao lang tayo napapagod. Commitment ng upline tulungan si downline. Not for too long, kasi madami pa yang tuturuan. Swerte ka pag ikaw pa lang downlines nian, kasi ikaw pa lang ttruan. Take advantage!!!
-dapat mabait ka muna
-sino gusto mong kasama? Mabait o pasaway? Ayaw sumunod, makulit!
-ang negosyo kasi natin tao, business of relationship, communication
-pag mabait ka, lagi kang kasama ni upline. Paborito ka esp pag lagi kang nanlilibre.
-practice natin, wag lagi tayong magpalibre. Maging responsible dapat. Konting share sa gas, food!
-sa group nio share dapat!
-dapat laging positive! Nakakahawa masyado pag negative.
-when your up, you go down. When your down, you go up.
-pag hyper ka, transfer to downlines. Grabe nakakabaliw ung training, sizzle, sobrang enjoy, nextime make it a point dapat kasama ka na!
-when your down, go up! Tawagin ang upline. Encourage, motivate your downline. Ako din dati narereject.
-Pag down dwnline mo wag m ssbhn sa dwnline mo na, bakit ikaw lang ba, ako nga walang dumating lahat e. mas madodown ung downline.
-good learning, listening attitude
-always willing to listen and learn
-dapat everyday is a learning day. Araw araw nag-aaral ka!!!
-pag sinalinan ka ng info, ready ka to learn.
-ung iba kasi AKNY(alam ko na yan), RBP na naman, road to success na naman!
-dapat pag alam mo na, madami ka ng resulta, ikaw n ngRRBP, ikw na ngttraining
-bawal AKNY sa Royale, dapat always willing to learn
-masarap tulungan ang taong willing!
-mahirap tutukan ung sobrang galing, nasa kanya na lahat, pero pasaway, hindi willing, pinipilit pa.
-better kng mabait ka, kahit mejo slow, basta willing to learn
-bakit ko tinuturo? Kasi para sayo to. Nextime kasi maghahandle ka din ng network! Training is everything.
-puhunan dito training
- dapat aralin mo ang negosyo Rbp, (what is the business, Rdo (how & why), BEST trainings sa Royale atleast 5X mong attendan
-special trainings Success Camp, Breakthrough, cloud 9 and Team Building para mas lalong makilala mo sarili mo at marealize m na leader ka talaga
-pag nag training ka lahat ng itatanong sayo masasagot mo
-is you want to have an edge, you should know. How? You learn! When you learn that's the time you will earn
-walang sumali dito na kumita agad ng 100k next week. Inaaral muna nila ung negosyo
-pag may knwoledge, become confident
-bakit natatakot ka maginvite? Kasi ndi mo alam ssbihin. For example, may tinawagn ka, sana ibaba kasi ndi mo alm ssbhin.
-pag namaster mo business, kahit sino pa yan, kayang kaya mo! Kasi may knowledge ka na e
-very important na magturo! Teaching business tayo! Mas imporatnte ung nagtuturo tayo! Quality tayo ndi quantity!
-for exmple, 100members mo, tapos ndi marunong. Upline may RBP lahat sila tumawag.
-mas ok kng 10downlines lang, 5right 5left. Tapos lahat marunong! Maganda yan!
-RDO(mike tan, rocky, elmer magunadyao) panood sa downline. Baliw na un pag napanood na!
-product knowledge/demo!
-BEST training (how to invite, abc, mam, objections, retailing, leadership, closing, follow up)
-may link lahat yan sa youtube!
-kailangan marunong tayo! Hindi sapat ung positive, hyper, mas maganda ung marunong. May skills and techniques. Pag tinanong mo, mag invite ka nga, tapos ndi marunong.
-dapat everyday may kausap ka! How to invite? Dapat advance ka maginvite. Prepare ahead of time. Lista mo prospects mo!z
-kailangan marami kang iniinvites!
-arnie-o pare last na to. Huling invite ko na to sayo. Ndi na kita kklitin next time. Pag ndi ka pumayag, kklitin kita everyday. Pag napresentan, gusto naman! Libre mo pra mahype!
- pag may enough knowledge kana thats the time nagtuturo ka na sa mga members mo
- in short lahat ng alm mo dapat alam dn ng members mo
-kayo po naghahandle ng network. Ikaw ung upline! Nagtatake charge! Kailangan step up đŸ˜Š pangit ung member ka lang, kailgan leader!!! Wag lagi follower lang, take the lead!
-for exmple, performer sa audience. Sino ngppraktis, isang buwan, napupuyat, injury, sakin.
-sinong kumikita, performer!
-same sa royale! Mapupuyat, mahihirapan. Pero aanihin mo yan soon!!!
-iba ung may initiative!
-iba ung nagiging influential ka, magaling ka ee! You should earn the trust and respect sa downline mo. Iguide ang downline, kumustahin, build a strong relationship. Ok lng pg ndi kmikita, syempre start p lng nmn
-pag teacher magaling, pinapasukan, excited! Pero pag hindi, wala na yan
-dapat laging improving every month!!! Malaki production! Para maging proud ung downline mo! Dapat laging nagiimprove, laging magaling
-when you become a leader, easier to duplicate
-ibinebenta ung system! Law of leverage!
-explain marketing. Pag 2, 2 every month, 2.9million
-john paul getty "I'd rather earn 1percent from the effort of 100people, than earn 100percent of my own effort.
-1peso per tao! May kita ka pa din. Pag ikaw lang, may sakit ka, wala kang kita!
-SM, BDO henry sy! Bakit siya kumikita ng malaki? Because of the law of leverage
-always differentiate scam, pyramid, network.
-scam-pag naglabas 14k, bumalik sayo kulang. Nadaya ka
-pyramid-naglabas 14k, resibo lang, tao tao lang. Kailangan maginvite
-network marketing is legal-we market products thru word of mouth. Walng commercial, walng artista, advertisement. Ginagamit nia distributor mismo kaya madaming kumikita. Tayo mismo nagaadverstise.
-kaya ndi mo pa nahahanap, kasi ndi mo pa kayang ihandle. Prepare dapat muna!
-dadami at lalaki na ang network mo
-pag naduplicate ka na, malaki income mo! Ikaw magdidikta! Blank check, ikaw mismo ung magdedecide. Matutupad pangarap mo!
-Pag malaki na income thats the time you reach your dreams one by one
-lahat ng gusto mo mabibili mo na
Kaya bakit ang ibang nagRoyalè hindi nakuha Pangarap, dahil hindi naman kumita ng malaki,bakit hindi kumita dahil wala silang network, bakit walang grupo hindi naman kasi nakapgduplicate,bakita hindi naduplicate dahil hindi naman naging leader,bkit? Dahil ayaw magturo, bakit ayaw mgturo dahil walang knowledge, dahil ayaw magtraining, bakit dahil AKNY at sablay ang attitude, sino sisisihin? Ikaw!!!
There's no shortcut to success. Pinaghhrapan. Dinaanan ung proseso. Sa lahat ng mahirap, eto na pinakamadali. Dapat maniwala ka!!! Believe that you can! Wala din akong alam sa negosyo, hatawin ko lang, pag walang nangyari, balik trabaho. Pero what if pag merong nangyari? Sayang diba kung hindi pa natin seryosohin.
Always empty your cup, kung ano mang profession mo ngayon tanggalin mo laht ng alm mo ksi iba naman ang Royalè e. Dito ituturo lahat. IKW NA LANG ANG KULANG smile emoticon
You just have to go down, and then you go up! That is VICTORY!

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