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Home Remedies For Gallstones

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Gone are those days when surgical procedures were the only way to eliminate gallstones. Thankfully, today we have a whole slew of non-surgical methods and a good deal of traditional home remedies to flush out bile stones from the gallbladder. From resorting to high-fiber diet to improving your water intake to losing weight, there are a number of home cures to help you tackle painful gallstones. Below mentioned are some proven home remedies for gallstones. Try one of these cures next time you are hit by an excruciating pain on your lower quadrant for quick relief.

Gallstones Home Remedies

Consuming about four tablespoons of lemon juice every morning on empty stomach for seven days can eliminate gallstones from your gallbladder. Follow it up with two glasses of water to flush out the bile stones entirely.

Drinking a blend of fresh juices like beetroot, carrot, and cucumber twice every day will help egest gallstones from the duct. Alternatively, you might try drinking a potion made from 30 ml of unprocessed sunflower or olive oils. Drink this concoction first thing in the morning and follow it up with 120 ml of lemon or grapefruit juice. Doing so will help dissolve the gallstones over a period and is deemed as one the best home remedies for treating gallstones.

Pear is believed to do wonders for gallstones and is extremely good for your gallbladder health. Eating pears in abundance will help soften the bile stones and cleanse the gallbladder.

Herbal tea extracts made from aromatic plant like St. John's Wort can help melt gallstones, flush out kidney stones, and flush out toxic substances from the body. Just brew four to five leaves of these herbal plant in boiling water until the quantity has reduced to half, strain the decoction and drink it several times in a day to eradicate gallstones.

Wine, of all things, can help thwart the risk of gallstone attacks largely. Consuming half a glass of beer or wine can cut down the number of attacks. However, stay away from going overboard with your drink.

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