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Facebook's True Age Test



Thank goodness I'm alive and self-declared on the way to better health...

Weeks ago, I actively participated on Facebook though I've had a profile for a year now. I think its' great and even so much better than the leading social network in the Philippines.This thing has connected me with people that I haven't seen in 19 years.

Anyway, an aunt sent me a third party application called, "The True Age Test." I thought it was a psychological quiz which I would later laugh about, so I agreed to participate. It asks questions like how much sleep do I get, has an immediate family member ever had heart surgery/diabetes under the age of 60, how much sleep I get on the average and do I eat breakfast. Well, after I completed the 30 questions, it reported that my "true age" is ooh...
47 years old!!!***...How AWFUL and SCARY!!!!

I was so disturbed, that all I could think to do, is gobble oatmeal everday and stock up on pineapple juice...and catch up on much needed sleep (this I'm doing now)...


How did I get a bad rating?
- I sleep 6 HOURS or less. Believing the lie that if I watch my online business more hours I'll earn more and if I don't all of us here will suffer.

- I don't exercise enough. Just occasionally when my back is on its best. But most of the time I'm just a couch potato or mouse potato

- I am truly overweight with a blood pressure alternating between 140/90 (the new normal) and 120/80. My diet is erratic, either I eat or skip breakfast then later at dinner time I binge. No one can take me away from the table. To make it worse, we eat typical fat, refined.... thanks to my hubby's cooking. ooh-hooh, reminds me what HIS true age will be!

Though 47 is the result, it doesn't mean it's permanent. There is always a BIG room for improvement. At least there are plus points that kept me from getting a result of being 67 years old...

Thanks that I quit smoking more than 5 years ago though I live with a smoker or mingle with a bunch of smokers. Thanks that I'm happily married. Thanks that I enjoy my work and the fruits of my labor. Thanks that I have good friends, thanks more to my blogging friends who keep me company when I'm a mouse potato.

Wish I can copy/paste the code for the
True Age Test here, but alas! I can't find it. Guess you'll have to join me on Facebook too! (Click on my sidebar!)

***The result is on my facebook but I cheated on that. The actual result when I first answered was 47 years old ;o)

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