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Cookbook Advert, Recipe And Electric Range - A Sepia Saturday Post


I love Sepia Saturdays by Alan Burnett and since this week they are featuring old photos from the kitchen, baking, or anything that can be considered a memento on the topic of cooking - I tried looking through my grandmother's old albums to feature, maybe she would have a photo whilst whipping up something in the kitchen, but unfortunately no I don't have any for now.

But then I just got excited to feature a few pages from a Ladies Home Journal July 1984 with Princess Diana then on the cover. You may also join us this week :HERE:  

This magazine is one I've kept for quite awhile since getting it at a discount store. Now I'm glad I did because some ads and features are a must to share!

 Here is an ad for Ideals Country Kitchen Cookbooks. I find the compelling ways they advertise cookbooks in the magazines during the 80's. The ad features all the recipes you need to make superb desserts, country bread, gourmet meals, soups, salad and sandwich combos, easy cake decorating, etc. The ad makes my mouth watering already, so who could resist? It promises and delivers. The ad was for Ideals Country Kitchen Cookbooks with address in 11315 Watertown Plank Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226

 Here is an 80's advert of Borden Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk which features a cut-out recipe card for Fresh Fruit Cheese Pie. The procedure for baking must have been different from how we usually bake cheese pies now. We may find the difference in Eagle Brand's website here
 And here is an old advertisement of Tappan Electric Range from Tappan Appliances, Mansfield, Ohio. Tappan is quality cooking. Tappan is such a beautiful buy. It's the perfect marriage of beauty and durability.
I love the 80's look of this kitchen! Nostalgic for me :)

Looking forward to next Saturday's feature!


Tattered and Lost said...

Well doesn't that couple look happy with themselves. They remind me of the inane people we see all the time in stock photos. There's something wonderfully Stepford wife about her.

Christinchen Royale said...

Yes, I agree with you! That couple represents the ideal couple from my childhood wish-list "when I grow up", of what should a family be according to norm. This is must have been my idea also of perfection as a housewife :) love that Stepford-ish charm she has too.

Unknown said...

Love the Tappan ad! He's such a goof -- does anybody really think he helped cook all that food? And she IS a Stepford wife -- no doubt!

21 Wits said...

One things for certain, he enjoyed every second of eating it I just know it!

La Nightingail said...

I had a wool skirt in a similar pattern & color, but it was a full circle, not pleated. Your picture sure brought back memories. Here's a suggestion about what else you can do with an 8 ounce, plus 4 ounce block of softened cream cheese: Bake an apple pie without a top crust. Cool. Blend the cream cheese with sugar or sweetener to taste & spread over the cooled pie. Slip under the broiler for a few moments until the cheese is a light tan color. Soooo good. Actually Kraft now has softened cream cheeses in several different flavors. One in particular is cinnamon flavored. I wonder how that would work on an apple pie?

Barbara Rogers said...

I was confused, two sets of comments.
I think a Tappan husband was what sold many of the stoves, then we went home to our real lives...and Jo, we call it cheesecake in America too, but I guess the real cheesecakes are cooked. Loved thinking of eating the food anyway, not fixing it!

Joan said...

As I was perusing the Royale ads, I remembered that someplace, in some shelf or drawer, I have one of the Joys of Jello books, must be 1950s vintage. Jello molds of every variety and for every occasion. Those were the days.

Brett Payne said...

I think we all remember bits of those adverts from our own pasts, great for this week's Sepia Saturday, thanks for sharing them.

Little Nell said...

These old ads are amusing now but we used to think they were wonderful. Nostalgia all the way.

Postcardy said...

I love looking at ads in the old magazines.

Wendy said...

I enjoyed seeing the old ads. I wouldn't discount the recipe, though. I once read that a recipe offered by the company that made a key ingredient should be great because they want to present it at its best.

Christinchen Royale said...

Thanks to all the visitors of my page :) Just popped in today to acknowledge you all. Love your amusing comments as well and I also loved sharing my nostalgic feelings about the old days.

@Deb Gould - I thought so too! =)

@LA Nightingail - Thanks for the recipe! It will be helpful to us all.

@ Barbara Rogers - Yes, I know it's confusing, but you can still comment on either or both. And that will help us also get in touch with one another with facebook, aside from blogging. Feel free to add me also, please :)

@Postcardy - Yes, I also love ads in old magazines. I heard there is also a collection for those, so I guess I should start too. I am also into old postcards and hope to share it on Sepia Saturday in the future