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A Day In Life - A Visit To Royale Business Club Quezon City

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This trip to Manila has left me awestruck with the testimonials I heard, the top earners  who met and trained us, the so-called Royale celebrities who gladly took photos with us and the energy to keep going as a Royalista to earn huge potential income!

Of course, always with me is my business partner Olivia to guide me through. You will find us on photo above with one of the top earners of Royale Ms. Racquel Espaldon-Buensuceso. She is our grand upline, who started in Royale since 2006 and has a huge network of business partners (which includes us). I so heard her speak that night in her Royale Business Presentation, and I was just inspired by her testimony.

So much has happened that day we went to Manila. Aside from Ms. Buensuceso, we also met with our other business partners John Bergantinos and Christine Yap-Bergantinos. The meeting this day was all about Facebook Marketing and we learned a lot. We are slowly applying the ideas to get clients and other business partners. In the photo below with us is Ms Christine Yap Bergantinos

Here below, is the top earner and doll of Royale, Ms. Gerle Manansala. I couldn't get over this photo op with her, I was so excited to meet her in person as if she is a top celebrity (yes, in a way she is)

Below is my self-photo as a way of thanks for a new business partner in Royale who has purchased 12 packages worth Php14790 each and to be shipped to California. Amazing!

And oh, I've seen so much and heard so much this time to inspire me, even the fact that these top earners used to be like us ordinary people whose lives were changed for the better because of working smart with Royale Business Club!

Thanks,friends, for visiting! Hope you also were inspired somehow. Feel free to send me a message via facebook or within this post, and I will gladly reply. Cheers!

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