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Natural Ways To Fight Fatigue In The Morning

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Early in the morning...

Wake up to soothing music. If you wake to an alarm, set it to play your favorite music instead of a loud jarring, annoying buzz. Pleasing music will still wake you up and is much more invigorating and relaxing than the traditional alarm.

Stretch and rise. When you wake, take a few moments to enjoy the stillness. Blink your eyes. Take several deep, relaxing breaths. Open and close your hands. Loosen your shoulders, and release any energy-draining tension in your jaw, shoulders, and every other spot on your body. Slowly stretch your neck, and arch your back. By easing out of sleep, you retain more of the invigorating power of that sleep.

Think positively about the upcoming day. Imagine yourself at your best, having fun and getting many things accomplished. This initial impression of what's ahead really matters for your energy level.

Give yourself a reason to get out of bed. To break the snooze-button habit, give yourself something to look forward to every morning. Email an old friend on your way out of the office at night so you can't wait to check your incoming mail the next morning.

Start off with a tall glass of water. When you open your eyes in the morning, your body is already thirsty; all night long you lose water with every exhaled breath. To combat this energy-sapping drought, drink a big glass of water or two as you get out of bed.

Ease off the sugar. Sweet breakfasts are an energy disaster, since nothing plummets your blood sugar faster after an initial kick than concentrated forms of simple carbohydrates such as corn or maple syrup. Any sweet topping with corn syrup in it - such as the typical maple-flavored syrup or a lot of jellies - is an especially good bet to spike-and-dip your blood sugar to lethargic levels.

Have a hearty breakfast. What happens to your energy in the hours that follow breakfast will depend on what you eat before you head out or get started on the day's chores. When you eat a low-fat, high-fiber breakfast - even a small serving - you switch on and turn up your energy.

A little goes a long way. You don't need a five-course meal in the morning. Keep it simple - an apple, banana, orange, or half a grapefruit, for example, with some whole grain toast or a whole grain bagel with nonfat cream cheese on top, and a cup of tea or coffee. Or try mixing whole grain cereal with a 4-oz serving of nonfat or low-fat yogurt.

Don't forget your OJ. The vitamin C in your morning glass of orange juice helps your body make a substance called carnitine, which muscles need in order to burn fat as fuel for energy. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C is an easy way to help keep fatigue at bay.

Make it easy to exercise. Encourage yourself to exercise in the morning by laying out your clothes the night before. Simply seeing them beside your bed will help remind you - and inspire you - to get up and get moving.

Shower yourself with energy. A long, hot shower really gets you going in the morning. To get the most out of your shower, try using a body brush and an herbal shower gel that contains energizing aroma such as lemon or pine. Finish off with an invigorating splash of cold water.

Sing out loud. One expert suggests you'll get more energy in the morning if you sing in the shower. Even if you do it badly, singing makes you breathe more deeply - especially if it's loud and involves a lot of words.

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