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Aloe Vera Health Benefits

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Aloe Vera (which means True Aloe) has been used for thousands of years and is still present in varieties of medicines today. It is used predominantly as an herbal remedy for the skin, digestion, the reproductive system and detox. A gel or pulp can be extracted from the plants for many benefits, both externally and internally.

It is most commonly used to treat skin conditions by soothing the skin and easing pain and inflammation. It can even speed up the healing process of burns, eczema and other conditions. The plant’s gel can be rubbed to reduce redness after a couple of days. Rubbing the leaf over cuts in the skin can prevent infection and speed up the healing process by acting like a bandage. Because of aloe vera's healing and moisturising benefits to the skin, it has been adopted by cosmetic companies and added in many products.

The juice of Aloe Vera can be extracted by cutting the leaf, collecting the juice and then evaporating it. The juice has many benefits when taken orally. It contains twelve vitamins (including A, B1, B6, B12, C and E), nineteen amino acids and over 20 minerals, which most of these are essential to the body. Aloe Vera is also known for its ability to clean the liver and protect the digestive system by reducing intestinal inflammation.

My personal take on aloe vera since we've tried it at home is just amazing! It heals cuts and scrapes quickly and can help smooth the skin over time. Taken as juice, aloe vera reduces hunger pangs and cravings.

Note: Seek the advice of a qualified physician before using this product since it can sometimes aggravate pre-existing conditions.

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Anonymous said...

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