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Daylight Saving Time Fall Back On November 6th

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Was it just in March that the US sprung their clocks forward for daylight saving time? (yes, that is the correct term without the s)

Great to know Daylight Saving Time will now switch back to Standard Time this 2:00AM November 6th. I'll surely take note of that.

Now a little reminder for the next time adjustment by March-April next year, as I've observed of doing to aid reset my internal clock:

*On the Saturday night before the time change, get at least 8 hours of sleep.

* Take a nap before 4:00 PM on the Sunday of the change.

* Get 8 hours of sleep that Sunday night.

* Go to bed at your regular time on Saturday night, and get up a half-hour earlier than normal on Sunday morning. Be sure to see the sunlight when you wake up.

Given those abovementioned tips, you may take it slower this fall back on Daylight Saving Time.

Blessings to you folks!

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