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Wordless Wednesday - Photos From My Royale B.E.S.T. Graduation


Happy Wordless Wednesday, folks!
 This week am sharing photos from my recent B.E.S.T. Graduation From Royale last January 16, 2016 at 77 Crossroad Center, Quezon City. This is one of the grand events right after a Royale distributor completes the B.E.S.T. trainings.

                                      Am here with Ms. Mady Sotelo, one of our team mates who was awarded Achiever's Circle, and with Mr. Albert Nunez, one of our team mates from Olongapo who also graduated that day.

Here with one of our mentors, Ms Nenita Fernandez , a top earner in Royale, who is a registered by profession. Also here is Up Olivia, my upline.

Am here with Up Maria, our grand upline. ( I once featured some of their photos / success stories here)

I'm number 339

Here with Ms. Cristeta Bulseco, one of the top earners and mentors from Royale Dagupan and La Union