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My Upline's Story

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This is our grand upline / business partner Maria Manalastas, 28 y/o, registered nurse. Full
Time mom , full time Royalista. Born in a family of 9, she is the 3rd from the youngest.
She came from humble beginnings as she grew up that is why I can relate so much with the hardships in life she has experienced -  from surviving on their father's monthly salary for 9 children, from studying in a public school, from helping her mother in selling woven bags in the market, and fortunately getting a scholarship in nursing school. She has more stories to tell and truly worth a tear or two. We often hear her speak during Royale Sizzles where fellow distributors share their stories to inspire others especially the newbies.

She knew about Royale simply from a facebook post from a complete stranger who invited her to a business presentation. at first it was not easy, being a registered nurse and having no business acumen. But thanks to great mentors, she has become successful in Royale!
Truly in Royale "Helping People is our Way of Life"!

To God be the Glory!

(above, our photo op with Upline Maria)

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