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My Royale Story And Why I Finally Joined Royale Business Club

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Hi, friends! Ever notice that I've been promoting Royale Business Products on this health blog? That's because I've been highly awed by the health products (yes!) and now the compensation plan. First let me tell you it took me a long time to convince. Someone invited me to a Royale Business Presentation (RBP) in 2010 (right after the automated elections, I think) but I hesitated and didn't go at all. Why? I've attended a few presentations before (not Royale) and I didn't like their smooth-talking ways, I mean, I am a person who simply cringes at canned sales talk. I thought this RBP would be one of those- and I didn't want to waste my time.

end of story :)

 Three years later, July 2013, I met a classmate in a massage and hilot wellness short course. She was a Royale Independent Distributor already. As expected, she concisely presented Royale products and it's benefits. Honestly, I was barely listening - as I already said - I didn't like business deals that sound too good to be true. But then I got invited by this same person again to a Royale training and another RBP. Looked exciting and inspiring, but still I was unimpressed. They sounded like a recent networking presentation I've been to. I haven't heard of their products, I also thought their products were too expensive. Just like the whitening soap that costs 180, compared to the local brands that cost 35-50. And I was shocked at the membership fee 12888. Were they kidding me, who had that kind of money to invest? Yes, the Royale idea to me was unwelcome.

So anyways, still this RBC distributor also gave me a copy of the Royale Products catalog. And because I was always with this classmate, she became a close friend who tagged me along in her trainings and business presentations when she had prospects. I noticed how she diligently invited, followed up, even accepted declines. I've seen the ups and downs of being a distributor somehow. Still the noncommital person, I just signed up as a sub-distributor for 300 in October, under her team. After a long pause, I got busy with life, didn't work on my account even with my friend-upline's encouragement.

again, almost end of story :)

Months later - ha! almost a year after I signed up - I was just sitting idly by my desk when I picked up the Royale product list and testimonial booklet my upline gave me. I read the testimonials and it sparked my interest because of the soaps that can help get rid of skin allergy - because someone close to me has terrible allergy breakouts for more than 6 months. So even if I thought it was pricey, I purchased one (finally!) and found out, it was worth it and that the soap lasted 6 weeks! yey! We tried also other products like Richarge and found out it's so much better and safer than the leading energy drink. My family is also taking Spirulina which is labelled as the world's healthiest super food. I've seen that Royale products are really great!

So here below, I've began attending short presentations in November last year to really know more about Royale -  the company, the products and the compensation plan. That's me right there - the lady at the right side on the far end, sitting across me is my upline. We were with other two uplines who are starting to be successful in this business. As of this date, this guy facing the camera (our grand upline) is earning an average Php50,000 per week. Yes!, that is why we are so inspired.

And so in January this year.. here I am (below) with my uplines when I signed up at Royale Dagupan branch.

and one more for our second package

and here I am in the recent free trainings conducted at Royale...

Looking forward to a prosperous business partnership with Royale! To God be the glory alone!

Royale is also welcome to International clients. 
We can send your preferred package via EMS Philpost or DXL.
Please feel free to add me on facebook and inquire.

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