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Royale Neo Packages Available 2017, Be A Royale Member Now!

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 Grapeseed Extract, L-GlutaPOWER462, 
SKN Lightening Cream, Dentrin Toothpaste

2 L-GlutaPOWER462 and SKN Ultra White Lightening Cream

This Neo package is worth 3950 pesos and  includes: 
  • Up to 30% Discount on all items /24/7 Online Independent Distributor's Tracking Center (IDTC) /Distributor's ID /Marketing Tools: (Eco Bag,Application Forms,Product Catalogue,Royalè Folder,AVP Disc and Royalè Mobile App (Download for FREE):

For more information, 
Exporter / Independent Distributor  (Christine Dauz)
Royale Business Club
A. Globe/TM - +639066151422          
        SMART - +639295629471  

1. We can legally process your Royale' distributorship registration, provided you give us your personal information with the following data:

a. Fullname
b. Complete address with zip code
c. Birthdate
d. Contact no.
e. Beneficiary, 10 yrs old- 65 yrs old (for insurance)

Download this form below: or email me at paperworksgalore[at]gmail[dot]com

Also Available: Starter Packages, Business Package and Elite Package 

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