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Royale Business Club Nigeria Distributors Visit The Philippines

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(above, there is our upline Gerle on the right)

This week has been busy in Royale because it's been a week since the celebration of our Eleventh year! And here is a great opportunity from Royale distributors from Nigeria to visit the Philippines and connect with our top earners. Truly Royale Nigeria is has tapped the international market in the networking industry, numbers of local clients/prospects are piling up to inquire because they too are amazed that other nationalities love Royale!

We now have unlimited customers worldwide thanks to Royale Business Club's efforts bringing the company/ business to different parts of the globe.

Everyone is welcome to join Royale. Be part of the business that operates internationally, with very effective products, with proven track record and tested system, and with a TEAM to support you. Be a WORLD CLASS ENTREPRENEUR. Be the first, be a Royalista

 *stable and credible Company 
*high quality and safe products
 *hybrid compensation plan 
*great team to help you.. 

this is your chance now.. be the next millionaire in Royale Business Club.

 Ask me how! PM or inbox me and I will show you how

International Exporter/Distributor
Mobile/Viber: +639295629471 / +639759172320
Email: paperworksgalore@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uzbourne

(please send me a private message first before visiting the Royale Nigeria branch/es so I can guide you)

An update:
Starting on November 5, 2015 we are now accepting payments for Nigeria package. Since our office in Nigeria is still under renovation, we will be accepting your payments only at Apartment 7 Rock View Royale Hotel from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm only. Please look for Vp Mike Tan or Mr. Danny Cancio. Please print a copy of the form below and present at the office. They will be happy to assist you.

And here is Royale Nigeria Official Pricelist

To interested clients, please visit our Royale office in Nigeria. Print this form and fill out the necessary information to submit before buying a package. Thanks! ~ Christine

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