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Surviving From Paycheck To Paycheck? Add Another Source Of Income!

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So from an entry level pay of P 17,000 for an 8-to-5 job every day, and taking into consideration travel time and transport fare, as well as other deductions such as tax, utility bills, and food… apparently, you’re only left with P735.40 PESOS.
Essentially, with that rate and that amount of time spent at work, you’re getting paid for P2.57 per HOUR!
The infographic also says that to be able to pay your parents back for paying for almost 15 years of education and an average allotment P700,000 for tuition fee and allowance, it would actually take you 79 YEARS to pay them back!!
Some of us will say 17k is not a lifetime salary, the said rate will change in a certain amount of time. Others will suggest that you need to work hard so that the management or the people on top will see your efforts and increase your salary or give you a promotion.
Oo nga, di naman forever 17k lang ang sahod, time will come lalaki rin. Pero have you thought about salary increase and at the same time increase in cost of living? Tataas nga sahod mo, tataas din naman gastusin at biihin sa paligid mo and worse di na nga tumataas ang sahod mo pero ang pagtaas ng gastusin at bilihin sa paligid mo ay hindi mapigilan, makes sense? kaya pareho pa rin. Unlike sa boss mo, kahit di mo nakikita at di pumapasok still mas malaki pa rin ang kinikita niya sayo. Bakit ganon? simply because he owns the company/business you are working for and siya yung asa taas.
Now wonder a lot of us always complain about having no progress despite working for so long. So, why not have your own business?
A business
* With no age limit
* No discrimination
* No educational attainment required
* Small start of capital
* Products are safe and effective
* Unlimited income
* World class export quality
* That is portable
* Time & Financial freedom
* You are surrounded by positive and successful people
* Equal opportunity
Come and be part of my team, join my business where you are one step closer to your dreams.

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