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Sepia Saturday - A Hodgepodge Of Hotels And Buildings

Joining Sepia Saturday again this week with the theme Postcards:  :Hotels : Buildings
Since I have an array of postcard collections from my folks that was handed down to me, here I am sharing... 

Here is a souvenir postcard from 1968 of the Royal Lancaster Hotel London. It was sent by my uncle to my mom in one of his travels to London.

     Above is a postcard of the Rathaus in Hann. Munden

                     Above is the Hotel Ambassador located in Berlin circa 1960
      Here above is an old postcard of the Teacher's Camp building in Baguio City. It's now a common place where transients rent rooms during their overnight stay when attending seminars.

Above, is a throwback photo of the STHS Mangaldan building - principals office and library are there too - where I spent my junior and senior high school years.

    And since this blog is mostly about my Royale Business opportunity, allow me to post the latest building which we call "Home Of The Champions, and that building/ company which has won my heart and made me who I am today...

Sharing a few photos of me at the Royale Centre..


La Nightingail said...

With yesterday's temperatures here topping 103 and today's temps predicted to be the same or worse, the postcard showing the pool and fountain in Hyde Park looked soooo inviting! I just wanted to jump in and stay there for the next several days! (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday are predicted to reach 105) The other postcards, however, were just as nice in their own way. I wouldn't mind driving that yellow Porsche - except I'd opt for a convertible with a black top. :)

ScotSue said...

I must admit my favourite postczrd was the one of the Munich Hotel - it had so much character about it.

Family History Fun

Postcardy said...

My favorite is the first postcard with the park.

Christinchen Royale said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, friends! I love all those postcards, they are actually a mix from my grandmother's and my father's postcard collection.

@La Nightingail - Oh, I can just imagine the weather there! It's just like what we have here in the Philippines right now at 92 degrees and everyone still longs to cool down with frequent baths. Thanks for the suggestion of a convertible with a black top - I hope to find one when I visit the Royale Business Club Centre this week, and I'll take my photo there too :)

@ScotSue - Yes, I agree with you, I love the structure of that building too :)

@Postcardy - I loved that postcard too of Hyde Park with the Royal Lancaster Hotel in 1968. I've been in London once, but I've never been to this place to appreciate how it has developed now.

Alex Daw said...

Such great postcards - it's difficult to choose a favourite - there's something about the colour in all of them. You look very happy.

Wendy said...

The Ambassador Berlin does not have the charm of most of the other hotels.