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A Day In Life - Distributing Flyers In San Fernando, La Union

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Those are the few photos of me and my business partner, Olive, last Friday when we visited San Fernando, La Union to distribute flyers for Royale Products.

It was quite a long trip for us from Pangasinan to San Fernando, the bus driver was a laidback fellow who took his time to get there :)

When we arrived, our first stop was to visit my relatives to give out the information that Royale Business Club would be having a branch soon in La Union. I believe it's already a success!

Next stop was staying at the local plaza to display a few of the products, distribute flyers and give short product description of the products to interested prospects. I'm glad to have had the experience of flyering with my upline, as this is the first time that we actually went out to reach prospects in the street. Possibly we will try other places too like Bauang, La Union on a busy beach resort and Agoo, La Union. We would surely welcome other places to go also.

I'm surely loving every day of my Royale Business. I learn a lot from the trainings and from my upline. There are times I also have failures - especially in dealing with prospects - which means I need more practice and smooth out my script. Despite that, I feel blessed to wake up each day and have customers buying products from me online and even buyers who call for me at my street - those small surprises make my day productive.

To all my readers, thanks for the visit. Hope you understand why most of my posts are all Royale-related.. as most people say it has really been absorbed by my system and vice-versa. If you want to know more about Royale, please read on to my other other posts. Or you can like and visit my page Royale Health And Wellness

Again, this is Christinchen from the Philippines and I'm proud to be Royale!

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