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What Are Free Radicals? Peeling An Apple Explains It

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If you peel an apple...it turns a moldy brown color, right? That's called oxidation — and you see it in your body when free radicals cause premature aging by wrinkling skin, hardening arteries, stiffening joints or forming cataracts. The same thing happens when you see paint colors fade on the wall or rubber tires get old and hard...and that's what’s happening inside your cells right now!

Your cells constantly suffer the negative effects of free radicals from pollution in the air, food additives, high-fat diets, sodas and processed foods,smoking, infections, and even emotional stress!
Free radicals can multiply by attacking the mitochondria of your cells - which are the center "engine rooms." They are at the root cause of many health concerns.

Free radicals are actually "mutant" molecules that are missing a part - actually a neutron or a proton — so they attack and try to grab apart from another healthy molecule to make themselves whole. What's frightening is that as they keep attacking healthy molecules, they create a continuous chain of "free radicals." This kind of domino effect in your body happens every day.

Your only choice is to neutralize as many free radicals as possible Especially those in your heart and brain because they contain the most mitochondria. Toxins in our foods, cosmetics, cleaners and even tap water can speed up the aging process. It can make you look and feel older than you really are!
And that's where Royale products with antioxidants come to the rescue. The three powerhouse antioxidants in this break through discovery work together at the cellular level to reverse aging of your DNA, which is your very life source.

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