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Celery For High Blood Pressure

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I personally tried this home remedy for high blood pressure in 2005 when I was too scared to develop eclampsia. My fears were based on my 30 plus years and my erratic blood pressure readings. Since celery also reduced depressive symptoms, all the more I adhered to it's cure.

What is the basis of this theory? The narrower the arteries are, the more the pressure will be that's exerted against artery walls. Celery is rich in a yellow crystalline chemical called apigenin. Studies have shown apigenin causes blood vessels to dilate.
And the unmistakable smell and taste of celery? The cause is a chemical called "3nb," said Dr. Michael T. Murray in an article . That chemical, Murray said, makes blood vessels more elastic, which can lead to lower blood pressure. 3nB has also been linked to reducing vascular stress.

According to Murray, researchers at the University of Chicago said their findings showed that when some people with high blood pressure ate a quarter pound of celery per day for one week, their blood pressure returned to normal.

Note: please consult your doctor if you are taking any drugs, which may contraindicate with celery or it's chemical components, before trying this remedy
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1 comment :

rugged breed said...

This is a great revelation, I never thought celery can lower blood pressure, I will eat a lot of celeries starting today because we have a history in high blood pressure thanks for sharing!

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