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Baking Soda For Cavities And Teeth Sensitivity

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I've heard so much about the amazing results of using baking soda to treat tooth decay and bad breath, that we've given it a try at home. We have been brushing with baking soda for over 6 months now and personally,our teeth got stronger!

From what I've experienced due to vigorous toothbrushing, I've lost a bit of tooth enamel that led me to seek a dentist. You could imagine the agony and the
pain of the dental drill and the cost of dental fees. So we've finally tried a different approach by using baking soda treatment for the teeth. Truth is, baking
soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an antibacterial agent that destroys bacteria upon contact.

First, rinse your mouth with water before applying baking soda to your teeth. To get baking soda onto your toothbrush, avoid dipping a wet tooth brush into your baking soda container so as to maintain the freshness of the baking soda. However, since baking soda is also a disinfectant so it's unlikely to be contaminated.

Cavities not only restored, teeth fully strengthened within 2 weeks. My gums were sensitive to cold and sometimes hot water. My dentist confirmed that my gums were damaged with the symptom of bleeding gums. Bleeding and sensitivity went away after 4 days of usage. I noticed my teeth strengthened everyday, and now I feel my teeth getting so much better. Because no one should have to endure the agonizing pain of cavities, I share the idea to my friends and family who are still on their own observation as to the overwhelming success of baking soda.

So there's my motherly advice on treating your teeth after all the Halloween trick-or-treat candy marathon!

1 comment :

Liz said...

Great! That's an amazing home remedy...

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