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Loading Up On Supplements and Antioxidants Are Important

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Take Vitamin A/beta carotene that boosts the white blood cell count. The best source is natural (i.e., one sweet potato has more than double the daily requirement). Sources include broccoli, watermelon, carrots, liver.
Recommended: Vitamin A-4,000 IUs; betacarotene-6 mg daily;

Vitamin B6-1.6 mg daily or two large bananas. Other sources: chicken, fish, liver, rice, avocado, walnuts, sunflower seeds;

Vitamin C, the virus-fighting vitamin-1,000 mg daily. Most fruits especially kiwi, guava and strawberries and vegetables like broccoli and red bell peppers;

Vitamin D-let the sun shine on you (before 8 a.m.) for 10-15 minutes daily or take a glass of nonfat fortified milk. Eat fish like tuna and salmon;

Vitamin E-promotes T-cell growth (T-cells activate the immune system when foreign bodies are present); take 400 IUs daily;

Iron-eat a low-fat diet rich in iron (15 mg daily); sources: lean steak, clams/oysters, dark chicken meat, green leafy vegetables;

Increase magnesium intake to 280 mg; zinc, 12 mg; and selenium, 55 micrograms; sources: milk, oysters, oats, whole grains, tuna.

(Excerpt From the "Vitamin Bible" by Earl Mindell.)

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