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How To Make Your Royale Beauty Soap Last Longer

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So here's how to make your Royale beauty soap last longer.

Open the hard plastic soapbox to uncover the soap with it's soft plastic cover. Peel off the soft plastic cover with a thin blade. Make sure to peel off just half an inch to leave out the part for applying soap. (Cut off the hard plastic soapbox equally as the cut-off part from the soft plastic cover. Doing this will make your soap more protected from water drops which can eventually melt the soap sooner)

This is the side where you will rub off soap to apply to your skin. PLS DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO SKIN. Simply apply lightly with your three fingers onto skin, and work up a generous lather for skin to absorb. Lather not longer than 30 seconds. Rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

And below you'll find the various phases my beauty soap went through. It lasted for more than 50 days! :)

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