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People From Other Countries Outside Philippines Like Royale

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(This is a repost)

Even other nationalities have Royale Business Club products at their stores, now that is amazing news - especially to us in the Philippines. We are truly proud to be part of Royale as an independent distributor/ online seller!

Royale is a 100% Filipino owned company. It's
 is Halal, Superbrands, FDA, PIPAC Certified.
Accept retail and bulk orders,We ship globally.  And the company has been reaching out globally with branches in Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, and soon in London on May 30.

Want to join Royale? Just send me an email at paperworksgalore@gmail.com and I will reply back. Cheers!

Royale Business Club opportunity is also welcome to International clients. 
We can send your preferred package via EMS Philpost or DXL.
Please feel free to add me on facebook and inquire.

Be an INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR of the fast growing multilevel marketing company in the world! Get additional benefits, privileges and incentives too!
It's not just a Filipino company... it is a Global Company! How to Join Royale? :Learn more here: 

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