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Skywatch Friday - Rice Harvest In The Province

Joining Skywatch Friday this week and sharing the latest photos from our rice harvest here in the Philippines.We took all these awesome photos at my aunt's ricefield in Pangasinan on a superb sunny day, so enjoy! :)

...and here's a recent photo of me :)

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hula-la said...

Very cool. Never saw pics of a rice harvest before. Thanks for sharing. Aloha from frosty New York State.

Christinchen Royale said...

Thanks for the visit, Vicki! Glad you got to see this scene through my blog post too, enjoy!

Hannah said...

The sky is such a pretty blue in the first shots. I don't know how rice is harvested, so that is interesting. I like the shot of the Brahmin, is that a cow?

Linda said...

Interesting pictures of the harvest! Cute picture of you.