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Facebook's True Age Test



Thank goodness I'm alive and self-declared on the way to better health...

Weeks ago, I actively participated on Facebook though I've had a profile for a year now. I think its' great and even so much better than the leading social network in the Philippines.This thing has connected me with people that I haven't seen in 19 years.

Anyway, an aunt sent me a third party application called, "The True Age Test." I thought it was a psychological quiz which I would later laugh about, so I agreed to participate. It asks questions like how much sleep do I get, has an immediate family member ever had heart surgery/diabetes under the age of 60, how much sleep I get on the average and do I eat breakfast. Well, after I completed the 30 questions, it reported that my "true age" is ooh...
47 years old!!!***...How AWFUL and SCARY!!!!

I was so disturbed, that all I could think to do, is gobble oatmeal everday and stock up on pineapple juice...and catch up on much needed sleep (this I'm doing now)...


How did I get a bad rating?
- I sleep 6 HOURS or less. Believing the lie that if I watch my online business more hours I'll earn more and if I don't all of us here will suffer.

- I don't exercise enough. Just occasionally when my back is on its best. But most of the time I'm just a couch potato or mouse potato

- I am truly overweight with a blood pressure alternating between 140/90 (the new normal) and 120/80. My diet is erratic, either I eat or skip breakfast then later at dinner time I binge. No one can take me away from the table. To make it worse, we eat typical fat, refined.... thanks to my hubby's cooking. ooh-hooh, reminds me what HIS true age will be!

Though 47 is the result, it doesn't mean it's permanent. There is always a BIG room for improvement. At least there are plus points that kept me from getting a result of being 67 years old...

Thanks that I quit smoking more than 5 years ago though I live with a smoker or mingle with a bunch of smokers. Thanks that I'm happily married. Thanks that I enjoy my work and the fruits of my labor. Thanks that I have good friends, thanks more to my blogging friends who keep me company when I'm a mouse potato.

Wish I can copy/paste the code for the
True Age Test here, but alas! I can't find it. Guess you'll have to join me on Facebook too! (Click on my sidebar!)

***The result is on my facebook but I cheated on that. The actual result when I first answered was 47 years old ;o)

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Just don't mind the result of that test. It was just a psychological test with no direct bearing on your life. To live a longer and more fruitful life is just common sense living. We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and fish and less or no red meat at all. We exercise even if it's just stretching to keep our muscles toned and reduce our body fat. We think positive thoughts centered on godliness and love. God created us perfect. We just have to live a sensible life and we will avoid the common curses on mankind. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Jan4insight said...

Honey, if I got a result saying I was ONLY 47 years old, I'd be ecstatic!

I'm active on Facebook, but I haven't taken that test - I find most of those "send a ___ to your friend" apps a huge waste of time. Not interested! I'd rather read & comment on friends' updates, and post mine too.

I'll look for you on FB - just don't send me any apps :-)

Ria said...

I gotta see how I score on that :D